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Moyles Court School is a small independent boarding school located in the rural location of Ringwood, at the edge of the New Forest National Park. By admitting both day students and boarders, Moyles Court helps to educate children from Britain, Europe and the Far East. With changes to safeguarding legislation, including the introduction of the Prevent strategy, Moyles Court needed a solution to help comply with, and exceed, ISI regulations.


Despite Moyles Court having no issues using Lanschool for classroom management and Panda Fusion for network management, these systems alone would not help Moyles Court to comply with the Prevent strategy. The IT Manager at the school began searching the internet for a safeguarding solution and discovered Future Digital, a plug-in device designed to support online safety. However, with strict budgets in place, Moyles Court would have preferred a unified product that could replace multiple pieces of software.


The IT manager considered maintaining use of the latest version of Lanschool, which offers classroom management tools only. Since this solution did not help Moyles Court comply with the Prevent strategy, the search continued. The IT manager, who had used Education Pro in a previous role, knew that Education Pro was a consolidated solution that could replace Lanschool’s classroom management functionality and the existing solution for network management. Further investigation identified that Education Pro’s broad functionality would also help Moyles Court comply with Prevent and safeguarding policies. This unified solution would enable the IT Manager to manage the network single-handedly by having control of everything in one place. This made Education Pro the perfect solution for Moyles Court School.


The installation process was described by the school’s IT Manager as “as simple as blinking”. The IT Manager did not self-install Education Pro in his previous role, however the quality of instruction, videos and manuals provided answered all the questions and queries that arose, allowing the installation process at Moyles Court School to be completed with ease.


Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Moyles Court School has realised a variety of benefits, including:

saves time – The IT Manager has Education Pro open at all times. With everything he needs at his fingertips, and in one place, he can power on, log in and shut down machines at the touch of a button, which saves so much time. The unified solution allows for software distribution, monitoring inventory and safeguarding in one place, and has simplified these tasks, freeing up time for more intensive IT projects.

save paper – The print management tool enables the IT Manager to enable limits, helping to reduce costly paper wastage. Education Pro monitors which user is printing and the name of the document; this single feature of Education Pro has the same functionality as the full version of PaperCut and the IT Manager was amazed by how much functionality Education Pro offered.

controlled assessment – With Education Pro, Moyles Court can easily lock down all the machines in a classroom, push a single website for users to access, restrict any applications students are not allowed to use during exam assessments and, when finished, easily return all PCs back to normal functionality. The IT Manager found this couldn’t be completed as easily or quickly with any other software.


Q&A with Len Atfield-Cutts, IT Manager

what features of Education Pro do you find the most beneficial?

The biggest aid is that Education Pro does a bit of everything; it replaces a suite of tools and puts them inside an easy-to-use console. With so much functionality I can be really creative with how I use these tools. For example, I wanted to block students from using the Chrome browser and this is hard work without Education Pro, as you don’t need administrative rights to download Chrome. With Education Pro, it took 30 seconds to put blocks onto those groups that detect Chrome. The effects were immediate and there was no waiting for things to refresh. I can’t stress how simple it is! The console hides layers and layers of functionality that can be used – it’s a huge enabler.

how does Education Pro help you comply with ISI regulations?

Since Moyles Court admits boarders, we have a greater position of trust and pastoral care. We needed to look for a solution that would help us comply with our Prevent strategy and Education Pro helps us meet and exceed this. I’m responsible for viewing the captures and although I have not come across anything very serious to date, I know that Education Pro detects risks almost immediately, so we’ll be able to take action as necessary if required.

what are your next steps?

We’ve been using Impero Education Pro for some months now and successfully replaced Lanschool and Panda Fusion very quickly. Impero Education Pro is now at the heart of the tools I use to manage IT in the school. After spending a day looking over all the videos and training manuals on Impero’s website and YouTube channel, I’ve identified ways to help teachers adopt it. I have sent round all the online teacher training videos and the teachers have moved across to Impero without issue. We are very happy with the choice we have made and are determined to commit to Impero – in fact, we’re already looking into additional products in their range!

how would you summarise Impero Education Pro?

Powerful, adaptable and centralised.