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We spoke with Alexa Munn, Head of Governance at Government of Jersey (Children, Young People, Education and Skills Department) about how Impero has supported safeguarding as well as teaching and learning across their schools.

Support safeguarding initiatives

Within the Government of Jersey schools, the Senior Leadership Teams, DSLs and E-Safety staff identified a need for a tool to help support them with identifying safeguarding concerns such as ‘trolling’ or even ‘suicide,’ so interventions can take place before a situation may escalate.

“For us, safeguarding is paramount, and a right for each child, that we take seriously. Every child matters, so it is important for us to have the tools in place that teachers can use at their disposal and that are user friendly. Impero equips us with the tools we require to be able to save student’s lives.”

Detect at-risk students and simplify referrals

When it comes to protecting its students the Government of Jersey, on occasion uses Impero to support with subject access requests and/or police requests as well as identifying areas of concern to flag with multi-agency partnerships.

“Impero allows us to identify clear flags and incidents with children. Using the keyword detection and captures, DSLs and E-Safety staff are able to discuss them and provide the relevant intervention to ensure the child gets the support they need.”

Identify cyberbullying incidents

Identifying students who may be bullied online is a key priority for schools in Jersey. Impero detects this activity so that schools can respond accordingly and individualise a response to the requirements of the child. Each school can also tailor the capture settings to suit the needs of every student.

“We use Impero to identify those students who might be trolled, or where there are repeat flags for specific students. It’s particularly useful to be able to tailor the settings for those with specific needs to give them a more bespoke approach.”

Easy-to-use software

Government of Jersey schools require a simple, quick, easy-to-use and intuitive solution primarily for online safeguarding, that all staff members could use, and Impero ticked those boxes.

“Impero has a really user-friendly interface which is great. It’s so easy that all teachers are able to use and navigate the system.”

Remove online distractions

Alongside the safeguarding features in Impero, Government of Jersey teachers have found the classroom management features, including lock screen to be a really helpful add-on!

“Technology can be such a distraction and being able to lock the screens means that there is more engagement with the curriculum at the point it is needed. It’s benefitting teaching and learning, not just safeguarding.”

Seamless implementation and training

This academic year, the Government of Jersey, (Children, Young People, Education and Skills Department) have implemented Impero across all their primary schools to ensure all staff members are confident using Impero. The implementation process is being supported with hands-on training sessions delivered by Impero’s professional services team.

“I really commend Impero’s eagerness to work with us and help with the training of staff at our primary schools, in particular. They are always wanting to help!”

Responsive support service

When asked about Impero’s support team, Alexa Munn described them as “helpful and supportive”. Impero’s support team have supported Government of Jersey, (Children, Young People, Education and Skills) with the implementation across all schools and held weekly meetings with the government to ensure everything was running smoothly.

“Whenever I’ve had an issue, the support team have been really quick and eager to respond. If in doubt, I can phone our account manager and he will respond at the drop of a hat.”

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