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Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy


Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy


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Impero Education Pro


Located in the rural village of Croston, Lancashire, Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy strives to offer a positive, secure and happy environment. Rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, the school regularly reviews its e-safety and acceptable IT use policy and provides a range of resources for staff, students and parents on the subject of online safety, including a detailed e-safety magazine.


Back in 2011, the government announced an increased focus on online safety in schools. With no e-safety solution in place, the academy’s Network Manager began investigating the various e-safety solutions on the market. The support contract for the school’s existing classroom management solution, Ranger Remote, was also due to expire at this time, fuelling an extensive search for an alternative classroom control product, as well as a solution to support the academy’s online safety requirements.


A well-timed phone call from Impero introduced the academy’s Network Manager to Education Pro, a consolidated suite of IT admin tools, classroom control tools and comprehensive online safety functionality. The software’s broad and integrated feature set would replace the academy’s existing solution for classroom management, cover its online safety needs and provide the additional bonus of IT administration tools. A trial was arranged quickly and after using the software for just one day, the academy’s Network Manager was so impressed he immediately chose to invest in Education Pro.


Following the trial, the software was installed across the school’s network quickly and Impero’s technical support team were on hand to support throughout the entire process. Education Pro was up and running in no time, and both teaching staff and IT staff found the software extremely intuitive and easy to use.



Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy has realised a variety of benefits, including:

Saves time – remote control enables the IT team to respond to (and resolve) technical issues across the site quickly and with ease. By automating several manual processes, the IT team saves masses of time which can be focused on other important tasks.

Improves efficiency – a suite of network admin tools enables the IT team to manage the network efficiently; the ‘deploy MSI’ and ‘command prompt’ features ensure machines are installed or updated at the click of a button, either across an IT suite or the whole school. Power management ensures machines are powered off at the end of the day, saving time and energy while reducing cost.

Focuses learning – teachers have found the software really intuitive and use the classroom control tools, such as real-time monitoring and lock screen, to keep students focused, on task, and protected from potential risk. Locking down the internet and specific applications also helps to ensure a controlled assessment environment.

Keeps students safe – real-time monitoring, keyword detection and email alerts help the school to identify any potential safeguarding risks, so the appropriate response and support can be provided swiftly.


Q&A with Rick Cowell, Network Manager & Managing Director, ANME

How does Education Pro compare to other solutions on the market?

When Impero first told me about all of the functionality provided in Education Pro, I didn’t believe one product could do so much and perform all of those features as well as we’d need it to. After trialling the software for just one day, however, I was sold. The network management tools, such as remote control and deploy MSI are fantastic and save us so much time by helping to resolve technical problems across the school and ensuring machines are up-to-date. Teaching staff love the classroom control tools and we can prove we have a system in place to help support online safety initiatives.

The software provided more functionality and was less expensive than one of the standalone e-safety solutions I had been considering, so it was daft not to choose Impero!

How has the solution helped to support online safety?

While we don’t encounter many safeguarding incidents at the school, the software definitely helps to reinforce our e-safety and acceptable IT use policy. Monitoring and keyword detection have helped to identify minor incidents, which we’ve been able to nip in the bud at an early stage. It’s great knowing that we have that safety net in place and it’s helped us to fulfil Ofsted requirements when it comes to online safety.

What are the next steps?

We’ve recently been discussing the potential of using the print management functionality more extensively to reduce our energy wastage. Our teaching staff are also keen to use some of the classroom control tools more regularly, such as the exam module, so this is an exciting area to look into further.

How would you sum up Impero?

The best piece of network software I’ve ever bought!