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Alderman Peel High School

Alderman Peel High School, part of the The Wensum Trust, have been using Impero since 2014. Following its recent renewal of Impero Education Pro, we spoke to Douglas Pembery, network manager at Alderman Peel High School to see why they love Impero.

Remote control and support during COVID-19

The day-to-day running of Alderman Peel High School was not affected during lockdown. With Impero Education Pro, the school network could be accessed remotely with any support for school staff delivered remotely too. It’s worked so effectively Alderman Peel High School have decided to implement flexible home working days in September!

“We’re already accustomed to using Impero so it makes life so much easier. It’s just like working in the school still, even if I am at home! I can still support our staff when needed.”

Manage student’s online behaviour

Impero Education Pro has provided a number of classroom control tools including turning off audio on PCs, whitelisting websites, blocking games, broadcasting and locking screens and the internet ban which the teachers have found very useful when managing behaviour and concentration in their lessons.

“Lessons can be taught knowing that the students are focused on the activity, and online distractions removed. The 1-minute internet ban doesn’t impact learning but it’s enough time to shock them into getting back on task! We try to use it as much as we can.”

Save thousands of £’s

During term times, Alderman Peel High School utilised Impero Education Pro to automatically power on machines at 9am and power off machines at 3:30pm saving over £1,100.

“We’ve had such a big power saving from just changing the power on times – it’s surprising how expensive it can be, and this doesn’t include holiday time savings!”

Enable social distancing environments

Back in June, as certain students returned to school, Alderman Peel High School used Impero Education Pro to ensure its teachers could teach safely from a social distance whilst ensuring their students could learn effectively.

“All of the year 10s studied in our big hall. The teachers could broadcast their PC onto the projector using Impero so the students could socially distance but also see the lesson clearly. We used the same set up in the labs for the key worker’s children.”

Identify at-risk students

Using Impero’s keyword detection Alderman Peel High School triggers alerts via email to the student progress department with any concerning captures, allowing action to be taken immediately for early intervention.

“Impero gives you another line for safeguarding as it picks up things that our students are typing, and any worrying websites that they are trying to access, so our student progress team can intervene where necessary.”


Interested in finding out how Impero Education Pro can support your school too? Book a demo below to learn more.

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