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regular updates


KCSiE stipulates that regular safeguarding updates must be provided in schools. iSafeguard updates ensure that all staff receive localised safeguarding updates and details on changes to statutory guidance, from the DfE, ISI and Ofsted, on a termly basis. We also work in partnership with Victvs, consulting with their expert team and the wider safeguarding community, to ensure that the resources and content covered in Impero iSafeguard remain up-to-date and in line with existing UK government guidelines. This is why Impero is trusted by schools across the UK to help equip staff to deal with current and emerging safeguarding issues as they arise.

For Designated Safeguarding Leads looking for a way to track and measure who’s read what, Impero iSafeguard’s tracking report also tells you who has read these updates, so you can prove compliancy.