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GDPR Service

Impero’s GDPR service helps ensure all schools across the UK comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced in May 2018.

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Data audit, data management and a named data protection officer for schools

The GDPR mandates the implementation of a new role that every education institution must implement: a data protection officer for schools. Impero lifts the burden of identifying someone for this task internally or of recruiting for the post, by providing a Data Protection Officer, registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). In this role, Impero’s dedicated school data protection officer is responsible for overseeing the school’s data strategy and its implementation – ensuring compliance with GDPR requirements – and leading as the dedicated ICO Liaison when required.

Impero’s GDPR service reviews a school’s data management processes once they have been audited internally. We’ll help you identify areas for improvement and work with you to put the changes in place. With us, you’ll develop a whole-school approach to data protection and ensure you have evidence-based accountability should you need it.

Our school data protection services include:

Named data protection officer

As part of our offer of a data protection officer for schools, you can contact your named, ICO-registered officer with any questions or issues.

Templates for data management, parent contact and school data policies

For new schools and those looking to revise their policies, Impero offers customisable templates which adhere to the latest government guidance.

Digital data audit tool and guidance

Impero’s powerful tools make it simple to audit a school’s current student data protection measures. Your assigned school data protection officer can offer further guidance.

Training videos

Impero’s data protection services include video guides to keep all members of staff up to date on the latest data protection best practices. 

Data breach support and ICO Liaison

All schools are vulnerable to data breaches, so we offer expert guidance and support in this area, including help in liaising with the ICO where necessary.

Ten hours a year of data security support and guidance

Acting as a school DPO is a significant responsibility to add to an existing staff member. Our dedicated data protection officers for schools offer ten hours of support per year, and multi-year saving options are available.

Additional GDPR compliance services we offer:

Data security consultancy

We offer in-depth student data protection consultancy as necessary so that your school can ensure that policies, systems and practices are as robust as possible.

Staff, governor, and volunteer training on-site

Impero can provide expert on-site security and student data protection training for any adults associated with the school upon request.

Technical security consultancy

Our IT experts can also offer advanced consultancy on technical matters, identifying weaknesses in a school’s cyber-defences and offering advice on how to eliminate them.

Why Impero?

At Impero, our education experts work hand in glove with our industry-leading tech experts – as well as schools, charities and specialist organisations – to design the best solutions for schools. Our GDPR services and school data protection officers are experienced, certified and dedicated to the cause.


We have experienced education and product consultants on hand to assist with any queries and questions you have from implementing student data protection measures to setting up safeguarding software. Interested to see what Impero can do for your school?


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