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Are you compliant with all your licensing agreements?

As UK schools and colleges turn to software to manage more and more aspects of the educational environment, the process of software licence management becomes increasingly complicated. Tracking licences across departments, applications and users, and understanding the individual agreements in place, is just the beginning.

As a legal requirement for any organisation, enforcing the compliance of these licensing agreements is what really matters. Impero Education Pro includes a licence management software feature, which keeps a centralised record of all software licences and enables IT teams to manage the number of licence instances across a network. Software usage can be monitored in a multitude of ways, including by the name of the executable file, the software description, and number of licences – or by computer, user or session. Enforcing actions for Education Pro to perform once a licence threshold has exceeded its legal limit, such as presenting a user message or alerting specific console users via an email or pop-up, can also be established.

Managing licence compliance at a network level means one licence can be shared between a number of devices, cutting down on software spend and essentially providing more for less. Acting as your virtual licence manager, the intelligent monitoring functionality highlights how many licences are being used and restricts access to the software before this exceeds its legal limit.

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