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Introducing Safeguarding Monitor

You may have heard our exciting news about acquiring Safeguarding Monitor. Find out more about what this means for you and how Safeguarding Monitor’s flagship solution (especially when integrated with Impero Education Pro) can benefit your school’s safeguarding practices.

what is Safeguarding Monitor?

Designed by school leaders and legal experts, Safeguarding Monitor simplifies the recording and management of safeguarding concerns across schools, colleges, and multi-academy trusts. Providing powerful pupil records, Safeguarding Monitor helps to protect students while reducing staff workload. The ability to record, refer and report concerns empowers schools to monitor and audit their safeguarding practices and track safeguarding concerns in a single central record.

the key features

  • Monitor and audit safeguarding practices
  • Record, report and oversee student concerns
  • Manage casework alerts and referrals
  • Access a staff training record
  • Track health and safety responsibilities

the key benefits

  • Safeguard students
  • Save time
  • Ensure compliance
  • Simplify referrals


 “Having all safeguarding concerns and actions tracked in one place allows our schools to be more efficient and effective towards the care and protection of vulnerable children across the network. It has been an absolute positive change for safeguarding by investing in Safeguarding Monitor. The team is highly knowledgeable and understand the practices and processes required to provide an efficient system to support schools in their day-to-day safeguarding.”

Joycelyn Thompson, Head of Safeguarding


bridging online and offline concerns with Impero Education Pro and Safeguarding Monitor

Young people no longer differentiate between the online and offline world. With full integration between the two solutions, using Safeguarding Monitor alongside Impero Education Pro provides a holistic approach to managing safeguarding incidents and risk indicators.

find out more about Impero’s acquisition of Safeguarding Monitor

Read more about this exciting move and more details about the acquisition in our recent blog and press release.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Safeguarding Monitor can benefit your school, simply complete the brief form on the right!

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