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We believe all schools should have a digital safeguarding system in place, irrespective of budget constraints. Impero back:drop, the UK's only free safeguarding software for schools, provides the core features you need to record and manage any safeguarding concerns, including medical health checks and symptom tracking.

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Getting free safeguarding software and health tracking tools into the hands of schools quickly and easily

All schools across the UK are required to report safeguarding concerns and must adhere to additional statutory responsibilities such as having a data protection officer. Unfortunately, more than half of UK schools are still using a manual paper system for safeguarding which is both labour intensive and hinders their ability to track patterns over time.

Here at Impero, we understand that safeguarding is the foundation for effective teaching, and we want to make it as easy and accessible as possible. That is why our safeguarding software, Impero back:drop, is free, forever – no catch, no agenda and no bills down the line.

Impero back:drop, our always-free, cloud-based safeguarding software, helps streamline intervention and safeguard students across your school. Stored within a safe, central and digital record, Impero back:drop is designed to simplify the recording and management of safeguarding and health concerns, providing teachers and safeguarding staff with a complete history for each student. Impero back:drop tracks pastoral, child protection, behavioural concerns, or mental health needs, as well as first aid incidents, medical requirements and a log of medicine administration.

We have also created options within the software to support reporting specifically related to COVID-19. This update will allow schools to see at a glance whether a student has suspected symptoms, as well as track the health and wellbeing of the student body as a whole.

Impero back:drop is simple yet powerful safeguarding software for schools. Accessed via a web browser, with a self-service setup and intuitive interface, schools can have the system up and running in under 30 minutes and can begin recording concerns in a safe, central record with ease. Get started with your free account here.

Why Impero?

We work with schools across the globe, developing solutions in direct response to the latest education trends. As well as schools, our team works very closely with charities, partners and specialist organisations to ensure our solutions continue to support specific problems as well as possible.

Alongside our tech experts, we have experienced education and product consultants on hand to assist with any queries and questions you have whatever you’re implementing, from free safeguarding resources to classroom management software. Interested to see what back:drop can do for your school? Sign-up today.

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Key Features of our Safeguarding Software

Whole-school reporting

Review insightful dashboards that report on student risk and wellbeing split down by year group, class and gender across the whole school. The safeguarding software allows schools to identify trends and flag key risk factors before they escalate.

Concern chronology

Safeguarding technology gives members of staff access to a complete safeguarding history for each student, including pastoral, child protection, behavioural concerns, or mental health needs. All this, alongside a comprehensive health tracker, including first aid incidents, identified symptoms, medical needs and a log of medicine administration. View detailed chronologies, printable reports and share concerns with school staff as appropriate.

Intervention management

Track and manage the follow-up action in relation to all incidents, detailing any meetings or external referrals made. The detailed log helps school review their safeguarding activity.

Alert prioritisation

Modern safeguarding solutions like Impero back:drop make it easy to manage colour-coded alerts, grouped by priority and allocated staff members for efficient follow-up and effective intervention management across the entire student body.

Document vault

Upload and store any relevant safeguarding documents for an individual student, allocating viewing permissions for appropriate staff members. Storing these documents alongside the concern chronology provides a comprehensive safeguarding audit for each student.

Staff training records

Maintain and evidence staff training, alongside a single, central record covering all statutory requirements including DBS and vetting checks.

The Benefits of Safeguarding Software

Intervene early

Our advanced safeguarding software combines a range of information across the whole scope of a student’s wellbeing (from safeguarding and behaviour to health history) provides a complete visual picture and the insight that staff need to contextualise risk early, before things escalate.

Safeguard students

Providing visibility of all factors which influence student safety to the safeguard lead. Including safeguarding concerns, and risk indicators, Impero back:drop empowers schools to effectively track and safeguard concerns.

Save time

With all concerns and documents associated to a particular student in the safeguarding software’s central, cloud-based record, staff members can efficiently find required information related to a specific concern and take the required actions with ease.

Remote safeguarding tool

Using a browser-based solution, staff can easily and quickly access and record safeguarding concerns in a secure format, anywhere, anytime and on any device. This is especially useful in situations where schools are closed or inaccessible.

Simplify referrals

We provide school staff with easy-to-use safeguarding software for reporting and recording safeguarding and behavioural concerns, with centralised referral tracking for timely student and family support. All evidence regarding a student’s welfare can be collated and used for referrals to relevant external services where needed.

Go paperless

Logging a digital record of all safeguarding incidents and concerns there is no longer a need for paper records of this nature. Unlike paper-based storage, safeguarding software ensures that data remains safe and secure, accessible onsite or offsite, and protected from loss or physical damage or destruction.

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