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In a world of increasing digital devices learners are faced with a multitude of digital distractions. Achieving a balance between the use of technology to facilitate lessons and avoiding its potential pitfalls presents a challenge for teaching staff.

Attend this webinar to learn how classroom management software can help keep students focused on the task at hand and empower teachers to deliver engaging lessons facilitated by technology. Areas to be covered include:

  • Monitoring PCs, Macs and mobile devices to check students are on task
  • Locking student machines to gain instant attention
  • Blocking the internet, printing or sound to remove additional distractions
  • Powering on all classroom computers before the lesson starts to ensure things are ready to go
  • Sending files or websites directly to all machines to get lessons up and running in an instant
  • Broadcasting the teacher’s screen to all students or a student’s screen to the class to showcase best practice, facilitating peer learning
  • Conducting quick polls or quizzes to check understanding at the start or end of a lesson

who should attend?

  • Senior Leadership Team members
  • Teaching staff
  • Network administrators with responsibility for device control

Webinar dates and times

webinar: controlling the digital classroom 9th July 2019 3:00 pm BST Online
webinar: controlling the digital classroom 6th August 2019 3:00 pm BST Online

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