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Impero Education Pro consolidated classroom management, online safety and network management into a single solution, available in a range of hosting options. With access to both a desktop application and a web-based interface, and built on cross-platform technology, Impero Education Pro is designed to be flexible and ensure digital learning thrives

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Our core solution for digital learning in schools and colleges


Impero Education Pro is our recommended suite for schools and colleges, developed in line with Ofsted and ISI. Combining the classroom management, online safety and network management into a single solution, Impero Education Pro provides the three core elements needed to support digital learning effectively. So whether you’re a teacher, responsible for safeguarding or IT, Impero Education Pro offers the tools you need.


Impero Education Pro is compatible with all major operating systems, allowing multiple different devices to be monitored and managed from a single view. It’s compatible with Windows, Chrome OS, macOS and iOS, so schools can support transformational learning through a mixed platform digital learning environment.

Classroom management

Empowering teachers with classroom control to improve digital learning


Network management

Supporting school IT teams with remote control and network admin tools


Online safety

Protecting students with online safety technology, in line with Ofsted and ISI



Save money

Access to a comprehensive visual dashboard of all device and user activity enables technical teams to remotely manage networks (across multiple sites) from a single location, including identifying and resolving issues. Consolidating a range of features in one package reduces costly support contracts.

Save time

Allowing technical teams to respond to issues and fix problems remotely, or enabling teachers to maximise learning by ensuring students have access to the correct resources, saves valuable hours each day and reduces disruptive downtime.

Focus learning

With real-time visibility of every student’s screen, and empowered by a range of classroom control, instructional and monitoring tools, teachers have visibility of what their students are accessing, viewing or creating online.

Reduce carbon

By applying restrictions to enforce a reasonable power usage policy and issuing print credits to curb careless behaviour, Impero Education Pro promotes a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly way of working.

Keep students safe

With real-time flags, active monitoring and keyword detection to deter inappropriate behaviour and highlight safeguarding incidents as they occur, Impero Education Pro is designed to keep students safe in the online environment.

Improve efficiency

A powerful suite of admin tools enables technical teams to streamline efficiency across a school’s network and ensure maintenance is performed with ease, while classroom control and online safety features help teachers and SLT to evidence misuse or potential risk.

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Impero’s add-on modules rely on our existing product suites or modules. Include in your bespoke package where necessary.