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Warwickshire County Council choose Impero remote access software

Warwickshire County Council chooses Impero’s remote access software

5th November 2014

Warwickshire Education Services (WES) ICT Development Service has chosen to invest in Impero’s remote access software solutions for education, Impero Education Pro and Impero Remote Manager. Providing a managed service offering across the county, WES ICT Development Service strives to raise standards in teaching, learning and school management through the use of technology.

As a service actively aware of changes to education technology, WES ICT Development Service places the schools’ satisfaction at the core of its offerings. Delivering a fully subscribed system for 180 primary schools across the county, WES ICT Development began to encounter several problems when managing multiple machines across disparate locations and recognised a need for scalable remote access software.

Tasks such as pushing out files or running updates required technicians to travel to each site location and manually perform tasks on every machine one-by-one. This proved an inefficient use of the technicians’ time, particularly as the schools moved to adopt new technologies and schemes such as BYOD (bring your own device), which required the technicians to split both their time and focus across a variety of initiatives and tasks.

WES ICT Development Service first realised how Impero’s remote access software solutions could help after visiting our stand at the Bett show. A live demonstration of our flagship remote monitoring and management software, Impero Education Pro, and our remote access software solution, Impero Remote Access, impressed the ICT Development Service team. Each team member was able to recognise several benefits to their individual roles, from performing maintenance to complete visibility of all devices across the network.

how Impero’s remote access software has helped

Steve Holley, Senior Technician at WES ICT Development Service discusses how these remote access software solutions have helped, “Education technology is constantly evolving; as schools continue to adopt new software and hardware, we’re required to support more and that means our time becomes stretched. Previously, technicians would have to travel to each individual school just to roll out software or updates, and this was a manual process, with one machine tackled at a time. Now we can remotely deploy software, run files or push out updates automatically across any number of machines – even the entire network – from a single location.”

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