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A student’s perspective: what technology means to me

5th July 2017

Alex Hatton, a 14 year old student at The Becket School, recently spent a week at Impero gaining work experience across the business, including sales, marketing, technical support and software development. In this blog he discusses why he loves technology and what he thinks about Impero Education Pro.

Technology is ever-present in our day-to-day life, whether it be a smartphone, computer or television. It’s guaranteed that, reading this, you are utilising a piece of technology. The ease of using a computer, for me, makes it an extremely important part of daily life, whether it be for practicalities (research and homework) or for entertainment (chatting to friends or watching internet videos). It has such a massive impact on life and I find that impact to be more than positive. Technology enhances our learning by tenfold. Allowing us to have the knowledge of billions compacted into a hand-held device is simply beyond belief, yet the tech is around and can be used every day simply by reaching into our pocket. Without it the world would be much lonelier, because without a swift and easy way to share and spread information or even chat about last night’s game, the result would be nothing but isolation. Levels of intelligence would plummet without the ability to find the answer on Google (I couldn’t remember for the life of me how to rationalize a surd, however my computer rescued me in my exam on the return to school). Having my friends, any book or movie, copious amounts of knowledge, and entertainment right beside me at all times is undoubtedly my favourite thing about technology.

Not all people who use the internet use it for the right reasons and with the recent steep rise in misuse of the internet, Impero is such a required software for schools all around the globe. As most know cases of online bullying of all sorts are extremely common on the internet nowadays due to the allowance of anonymity behind a screen however, with the help of Impero, the number will decline rapidly. Through Impero Education Pro, Impero provides an expanding library of key terms relating to online bullying cases, alerting the teacher when and where a specific term is used, allowing the teacher to deal with the situation accordingly. This is arguably the third line of defense though, as Impero grants the teacher the ability to block specific websites (that may be harmful to students or simply inappropriate while learning) on all devices at once. Along with this, it allows real-time monitoring of the screens, a surefire way to guarantee identification of any online risks students may face. The experience I have with Impero isn’t too extensive; the occasional groan as our teacher locks our screens, the sadness in a student’s eyes when they are discovered to be playing Google Pac-Man, yet even though we see it as an obstacle, without Impero Education Pro the internet would be a terribly dangerous place for unaware students.

Yet the software does not only address concerns within the online world, it also allows issues away from the school computer to be solved via an anonymous student reporting system. This tool, named Confide, allows students to report their concerns about themselves or another student to a preferred member of staff. It gives the student control of everything to encourage the confidence to report. They are able to choose: to stay anonymous or not, the method of contact and the teacher who receives the report, all without the embarrassment that I know most feel when voicing these kinds of things to a member of staff.

what I thought of work experience at Impero

I recently had the excellent opportunity to spend a week away from being a student at The Becket School to experience the behind-the-scenes of Impero. As someone who adores all kinds of technology, how it works and how much it can really do, it has been a thrilling chance to look into how everything operates in each department and the remarkable way they weave their way into an effective company. I have also learnt reels of information about the software and therefore why I should appreciate it even more.


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