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Stop Cyberbullying Day

Stop cyberbullying day- protecting our students

15th June 2018

Stop Cyberbullying Day, launched by The Cybersmile Foundation in 2012, aims to help create an online environment where people are free to explore it’s opportunities without fear of abuse, harassment, threats or bullying.

Bringing together celebrities, businesses, schools, charities and more, Stop Cyberbullying Day stands up against cyberbullying and online abuse, encouraging people to show respect for one another.

bullying- the statistics

  • More than 16,000 young people are absent from school due to bullying
  • 54% of young people have been bullied at some point in their lives
  • 50% of young people say that they are bullied because of their appearance, 40% because of their interests or hobbies and 14% because their household income
  • 17% of young people say they have been cyberbullied, 10% of young which say they cyberbullied often and 7% say they are constantly bullied (29% at least once a month, 16% at least once a week)
  • 41% of young people that had been cyberbullied developed social anxiety, 37% developed depression, 26% had suicidal thoughts, 25% had self-harmed, 14% developed an eating disorder, 20% skipped class
  • 90% of young people who were bullied and reported it, reported to a teacher. 57% of those were satisfied with the support they received
  • 25% of young people who didn’t report instances of bullying didn’t do so and they thought it wouldn’t be taken seriously
  • 23% of young people believe cyberbullying is just a part of growing up

how can you contribute to stop cyberbullying day?

  • Use the hashtag #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY to help spread the word
  • Fundraise! Mixing fundraising and awareness building exercises, students can both learn and have fun all in one day!
  • Why not hold an assembly? Teaching students about respect and empathy and how to become good digital citizens can help understanding and awareness of cyberbullying

how can Impero help protect vulnerable students online?

In response to bullying prevention, we have a created a video to highlight the issue of cyberbullying and how life can be different with Impero Education Pro’s online safety and bullying prevention functionality.



Chloe’s story outlines the consequences of sexting, cyberbullying and suicide – only a few of the dangers and issues that students encounter online. Impero Education Pro’s keyword libraries, however, help educators to protect students from over 15 types of categorised risk including Radicalisation, Drugs & Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, LGBT derogatory language, Race & Religious Hatred and Grooming.

Impero Education Pro’s extensive keyword libraries detect on the latest safeguarding issues anywhere on the school’s network, including email, apps, search engines, URLs or HTML. With real-time alerts, glossary definition of terms, and screenshot and video recording evidence, Impero’s online safety functionality provides education professionals with the tools to detect on early warning signs of risk and protect vulnerable students online.

As seen throughout Chloe’s story, our anonymous reporting tool, Confide, allows students to report any concerns that they may have regarding themselves or another student, to a member of staff they trust. Using the Confide tool promotes a culture of safeguarding, welcoming students to express any worries and to assure them that they are being listened to. Furthermore, staff are notified to pressing issues and trends, so that they can be addressed before they escalate, further helping to protect vulnerable students in school.

Find out more about Impero Education Pro by booking your free demo here and don’t forget to share your Stop Cyberbullying Day plans and activities online (@SCDHQ) using #StopCyberbullyingDay

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