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Safer Internet Day 2019: Statistics around ‘consent confusion’ online

5th February 2019

Today, Tuesday 4th February, marks Safer Internet Day 2019 – and this year’s theme focuses on ‘together for a better internet’. Celebrated across the globe, Safer Internet Day is coordinated by the UK Safer Internet Centre and is designed to promote ‘the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people and inspire a national conversation’.


Research by the UK Safer Internet Centre reveals that ‘young people struggle to resolve consent confusion online’

The UK Safer Internet Centre has published new research this Safer Internet Day 2019, revealing a ‘mismatch’ between how young people view online sharing and their actions. Read the stats below for a summary of the research.

  • 65%of young people say they would feel disconnected from the world if they couldn’t be online.
  • 67% of young people say it’s easier to learn, understand and navigate topics they’re nervous to ask about in the online space.
  • 48%of young people say being online makes them feel like their voices and actions matter.
  • 42% of young people have been inspired to take positive action by sharing support for a campaign, social movement or petition.
  • Young people have a strong sense of right and wrong online, with an overwhelming 84% believing everyone has a responsibility to respect others.
  • almost half (48%) admit their peers don’t always think before they post.
  • 36% of young people are sharing screenshots of other peoples’ photos, comments or messages at least weekly.
  • Half of young people (51%) think their friends should ask for permission before tagging them or sharing a photo or video of them.
  • Young people are also not asking permission before posting, despite 81% knowing when and how to ask.
  • Over half of young people (52%) said someone they know shared a photo or video of them without asking.
  • 34% have said yes to something about them being shared online, even though they didn’t want it to be.
  • Whilst the majority of young people would always remove something they’d posted about a friend if asked to, 36%would not.
  • 68% would report something that had been shared about them without permission and 63% would report if it happened to a friend.


Get involved this Safer Internet Day 2019 by visiting their website. There’s a quiz, heaps of handy resources for all age groups and parents/carers, helpful education packs, and a social media campaign you get involved with!


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