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prestatyn high school sticks with Impero for centralised online safety

Prestatyn High School sticks with Impero for centralised online safety

28th November 2017

Prestatyn High School, a school that prides itself on creating a welcoming environment where pupils feel valued and respected, have renewed their support contract with Impero and purchased Impero Insight to further address their safeguarding needs. With 1400 users on PCs and Netbooks, Prestatyn High School needed a simple way to identify vulnerable students and keep students safe from online dangers, in line with updated safeguarding legislation.

Having used Impero Education Pro for many years, when it’s renewal came up Prestatyn High School felt it would be prudent to review the market and see what other options were out there. With value for money an important factor, the school set about a review of the other solutions available in the network management, online safety and classroom control space.

Open minded throughout the review process, Prestatyn High School compared and contrasted a number of Impero’s competitors. While initially impressed with some of the features that they saw (namely the simplicity in how safeguarding information could be displayed)  a quick call to Impero introduced Prestatyn High School to Impero Insight – a new module taking data analytics to the next level.

why did Prestatyn High School stay with Impero?

Since they were already using Impero Education Pro, Prestatyn High School was aware of its benefits and its ability to support network admin, classroom management and online safety seamlessly from a single consolidated solution. With the recent addition of add-on module Impero Insight, the school’s decision to stay with Impero was confirmed. Impero Insight transforms a school’s Impero data into stunning, graphical reports, allowing trend analysis and data interrogation. This feature has helped encourage the school’s safeguarding team to better utilise Impero Education Pro and they’re already seeing the results.

Colin Stevens, Technegydd TGCh Uwch, speaks more about why Prestatyn High School chose to stick with Impero here: “We were really taken with the new module Impero Insight and staff have adopted this reporting tool very quickly. It really helps visualise the data captured by Impero Education Pro and gives us the ability to drill further down into that data when necessary. Impero Insight has helped encourage our safeguarding team to use this data more proactively, to keep students safe online and ensure we’re complying with ESTYN and Keeping Children Safe in Education.

Alongside Impero Insight there are a number of things we wouldn’t want to lose in Impero Education Pro. The network management tools included, especially the mimic script feature, help save us so much time. We also love the support service we get from Impero, the team are extremely responsive, always on hand to help there and then – it’s priceless!” Colin Stevens added.

If you’d like to find out more about how Impero Education Pro and Impero Insight help to keep your students safe online, click here.

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