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Ofsted 2019

Ofsted 2019 – what do you need to know?

24th October 2019

In September 2019, the new Ofsted 2019 Education Inspection Framework (EIF) came into effect. We know how busy it can be when working in a school, so we have devised a simple summary to help you understand the new framework, and how we can support you to achieve an “Outstanding” rating.

The new inspections will make sure that all learners are receiving a high-quality education to put them on a track for a successful future. Less time will be spent analysing exam results and test data, and instead will focus on how the school has achieved its results – what is taught and how is it taught. The Ofsted 2019 grading system will stay the same: outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate. However, the judgement categories have been completely revised.

The new judgements

The new framework has created a shift towards a more holistic inspection approach. The rebalanced set of judgements will be assessed on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of education

There are three major components when judging the curriculum:

  • Intent
  • Implementation
  • Impact

Key judgements include:

  • Leaders take on or construct a curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give all learners, particularly the most disadvantaged and those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) or high needs, the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.
  • Teachers check learners’ understanding systematically, identify misconceptions accurately and provide clear, direct feedback, and adapt their teaching as necessary.
  • Teachers and leaders use assessment to help learners embed and use knowledge fluently or to check understanding and inform teaching – not in a way that creates unnecessary burdens for staff.
  • Teachers create an environment that allows the learner to focus on learning.


  1. Behaviour and attitudes

The new behaviour and attitudes judgement will look at how well behaviour is managed to create a calm, orderly and safe environment that is a basic necessity for excellent learning.

Key judgements include:

  • The provider has high expectations for learners’ behaviour and conduct and applies these expectations consistently and fairly.
  • Learners have a positive attitude to education and training and are committed to their learning.
  • Leaders, teachers and learners create an environment where bullying, peer-on-peer abuse or discrimination is not tolerated, and if they do occur, staff take swift and effective action.


  1. Personal development

The personal development judgement recognises the influence of education settings on young peoples’ lives.

Key judgements include:

  • The curriculum extends beyond the academic, technical or vocational.
  • The curriculum and providers support learners to develop their character – including their resilience, confidence and independence – and help them know how to keep physically and mentally healthy.
  • Each stage of education prepares learners for future success in their next steps.
  • Developing an understanding and appreciation for diversity and celebrating commonalities and promoting respect for the difference protected characteristics as defined in law.


  1. Leadership and management

This judgement encourages greater proactivity to support teachers’ wellbeing. These include a responsibility to demonstrate that staff are protected from bullying and harassment and that settings successfully manage teachers’ workloads which is an increased focus for Ofsted.

Key judgements include:

  • Leaders have a clear and ambitious vision for providing high-quality, inclusive education and training to all and support this through strong policies and practice.
  • Leaders engage effectively with learners and others in their community, including parents, carers, employers and local services.
  • Leaders engage with their staff and are aware, and take account, of the main pressures on them, particularly with reference to how workloads are managed.
  • Leaders aim to ensure that all learners complete their programmes of study and provide support for staff to make this possible, and do not allow gaming or off-rolling.
  • Leaders protect their staff from bullying and harassment.


How can Impero support your school with Ofsted 2019?

We aim to support each school in every possible way, which is why we have created an easy to understand Ofsted 2019 poster. We can be your life-line when it comes to the dreaded Ofsted inspections! This poster goes through every single judgement, highlighting how Impero can support you. Click here to download this free poster.

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