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Managing digital classrooms amid a pandemic- How Impero can help students learn and thrive

Managing digital classrooms amid a pandemic: How Impero can help students learn and thrive

17th November 2020

Covid-19 hit us like a wave and the world was not prepared. Schools across the UK had to adapt quickly to ensure the continuation of education. Now, with hybrid and blended learning available, teachers are looking for ways to mitigate the drawbacks of digital classrooms.

Millions of learners have spent the school year learning from home, away from their usual environment and necessary human interactions. This has already had an impact on their mental health and wellbeing. The BBC stated that there is a significant drop in the number of reported child sexual abuse cases since lockdown began. Nevertheless, isolation had created the perfect conditions for a spike in child abuse cases that are hidden behind closed doors, left unreported. Moreover, pupils now have even greater access to online distractions in their learning environment… social media, video games, inappropriate websites. All these jeopardise optimal learning experiences in the digital classrooms and student safety.

This week, Impero launched a fully cloud-based suite to support safe and productive digital learning, regardless of where the class is taking place. It is compatible with any device, anywhere. Our solutions are easy-to-use and comes with free student wellbeing software.

How do Impero’s new tools work together for a well-rounded solution?

Impero helps schools prioritise student well-being

  • Impero back:drop is our free forever safeguarding solution. It allows schools to record, manage and track student mental health and safeguarding concerns anytime and anywhere. Our solution is OFSTED compliant and it stores student data safely.

Powerful digital classroom management tools

  • Impero class:room is a cloud-based classroom management software designed by teachers, for teachers. It is easily accessible on both school-owned and student-owned devices for real-time monitoring and is fully embedded within Microsoft Teams to allow for collaboration and focused learning. Impero class:room integrates with a school’s MIS to identify learners rather than their devices, so teachers can identify individual students and groups, structure lessons around student capabilities and monitor progress in real-time.

Safe learning environments

  • Impero web:check is our OFSTED compliant web content filter that protects students against malicious content on all devices, regardless of their learning location. Categorising web content in 45+ languages, Impero web:check ensure safe learning environments for all learners.

Focused on prevention

  • We put student wellbeing first. Impero well:being provides keyword detection tools to capture, record and identify early warning signs of harmful online behaviour. It identifies searches connected to self-harm, suicide, bullying, violence, drugs, alcohol, weapons, grooming, pornography, radicalisation and more. Schools can use Impero well:being to intervene early and help keep digital classrooms safe.

All of Impero’s solutions are device agnostic supporting any learner, anywhere. To see how our premium products can help your school’s digital classroom thrive, book a demo here.

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