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Latest Version Impero Education Pro

The latest version of Impero Education Pro is out- version 6.3

13th February 2018

Our latest release of Impero Education Pro (v6.3) includes some exciting new features such as cloud functionality with our new enterprise console and Classroom Cloud, automatic updates of our keyword libraries, the ability to disable monitoring, as well as added extras to help you support GDPR compliance.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect…

Enterprise Console

The enterprise console in Impero Education Pro uses cloud technology to ensure that technical teams can efficiently apply settings across multiple servers- a major time saver for Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs). The cloud-based console allows users to create a ‘profile’ that contains settings that are then applied to the Impero Education Pro Server application.

Classroom Cloud

A web-based teacher console, designed with feedback directly from our customers, provides a simple and intuitive interface that offers a range of classroom control features. Putting the power back into teachers’ hands, Classroom Cloud provides the ability to monitor multiple devices from a single browser, as well as few added extras from the Impero Education Pro console, including functionality to send messages, lock screens and run websites.

Automatic Updates (Keyword Libraries)

Impero Education Pro now offers customers automatic keyword library updates (if desired). Impero’s keyword library now includes over 20,000 keywords, abbreviations, phrases and URLs, developed with organisations such as Beat, the Anti-Bullying Alliance and SafeBAE, as well as the CTIRU and IWF’s illegal content lists. By opting for automatic updates, your school can ensure they are kept up-to-date with the latest keywords, phrases and URLs, further safeguarding students against the most pressing issues and trends that may lead to unnecessary risk.

Supporting GDPR Compliance

Impero now also offers support for GDPR compliance with a range of enhancements that have been applied to Impero Education Pro in response to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements including the ability to delete data beyond a specific date, disable monitoring, as well as an increase in privacy measures.

In response to customer feedback, version 6.3 provides schools with functionality to disable monitoring for specific staff profiles, whilst ensuring they are still able to use the Impero Education Pro console. This functionality extends to school devices that are being taken home or being used outside school hours. For this, a pre-set group named ‘Monitoring Disabled’ has been included in our latest release.

You can check out our Impero guide to GDPR compliance here or even attend our Implementing Monitoring Systems and GDPR Compliance seminar in London on Thursday 22nd March!


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