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12 techs of christmas

Impero’s 12 techs of Christmas

19th December 2018

Here at Impero, we are getting into the holiday spirit! The Christmas tree is up, the advent calendars are open and some gifts have been exchanged. As the holiday season is approaching, we thought we would take the opportunity during the festive period to ask the Impero team what their favourite pieces of technology from 2018 are. In true Impero style, we put our own little twist on a classic…

Impero’s 12 techs of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my paycheck gave to me

12 Nintendo Labos

11 Go-Pros filming

10 Google Chromecasts

9 Vinyl Players

8 Windows tablets

7 Furbo cameras

6 VR headsets

5 Smart TVs

4 Echo dots

3 Fitbits

2 Fire sticks

And an iPhone just for me

Why are these our favourite pieces of technology?

As you can tell, we love technology here at Impero, which is no surprise since technology is so ingrained in our daily lives. We use technology in every part of our lives: from using a Windows tablet at work to completing a project; catching up on the latest TV shows during the commute to work; using a FitBit to keep track of your workouts and health; using a Go Pro to capture your favourite moments, or even using a Mastrad Thermospoon to make sure your holiday meal is a showstopper! Technology is everywhere and we love it for different reasons, so we thought we would ask everyone why they loved their 12 techs of Christmas. Here is what they had to say:

 “The Nintendo Labos opens up a world of creativity for kids.!

“My iPhone allows me to talk and see my family in Brazi.”

“My Pro-Blow hair styler is so innovative and saves time – I could not live without it!”

“My VR headset provides hours of fun and entertainment!”

“My windows tablet allows me to read/watch films on the commute on a larger screen.”

“With the camera I can watch my dog while I’m at work and make sure he is okay.”


What does Impero do?

Here at Impero, we collectively work together to create Impero Education Pro, a consolidated solution for classroom management, student online safety and network management. Working across Chrome, Windows, Mac and iOS, Impero Education Pro helps you control, manage and monitor your devices from a single location.

To learn more about how Impero can help manage and monitor your schools devices from one location, book a demonstration with our team here. Consider it a holiday gift from the Impero team!

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