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Digital Leader of the Year

Impero presents “Digital Leader of the Year” award to Tring School

4th July 2019

On the 4th July 2019, two of Impero’s Product Management team headed to Tring School (a dedicated Impero customer) for it’s annual presentation afternoon. Here, they witnessed the “Impero Digital Leader of the Year” award being presented to one of the school digital leaders for their recognition of the achievements and efforts.

The “Impero Digital Leader of the Year” award encourages schools to integrate students’ digital skills to not only help pupils to develop confidence and leadership skills, but also provide support to teachers and peers throughout the school. It is a great initiative to tap into the knowledge and understanding of students in today’s ever-increasing technology-focused environment, whilst engaging pupils to take on additional responsibilities with the outcome of rewarded behaviour.

Digital Leader of the Year Award Impero

Impero’s Digital Leader 2019 was awarded to Lewis Dell. We spoke to Tring School to discuss why Lewis was so worthy and deserving of this award.

Digital Leader of the Year Award Impero

“Lewis was chosen to receive the Digital Leader Award this year because of his enthusiasm and willingness to participate in everything technology related! He is happy to help with all sorts of activities, from showing visitors around the school and explaining how using Chromebooks and G Suite have improved his education, helping encourage parents to complete a Google Form survey at Parents’ Evenings, to visiting BETT in January and filming/live streaming various events at school. He does all of this with a positive attitude and is always the first to volunteer. Thank you very much to Impero for sponsoring this award, of which Lewis is fully deserving.”

Digital Leader of the Year Award Impero

“I was honoured and humbled to play a small part in recognising the amazing achievements of Tring’s students and had the pleasure of meeting Lewis’ very proud parents. Hearing how Lewis had supported the use of IT amongst his fellow students and teachers throughout his first year as a student at Tring. He’s clearly set the standard for next year’s award”Craig Jones, Head of Product Management

As part of sponsoring this award, we have also invited Lewis and his fellow digital leaders up to Impero’s head office where they will be able to have a tour, speak to members of our team and see what the Impero team get up to daily! We are really looking forward to seeing him again next school term and look forward to seeing him inspire more students to become digital leaders!

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