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Impero launches free safeguarding software in response to school closures

Impero launches free safeguarding software in response to school closures

11th May 2020

Many EdTech organisations have been responding to school needs during COVID-19 and Impero is included in that long list. We believe safeguarding should never stop, which is why we’re providing Impero Back:drop, our free safeguarding software, to ensure schools can respond irrespective of budgets or circumstance.

What challenges are schools facing?

With school staff having contact with students for half of the year, they are in a prime position to identify vulnerable students and intervene before a situation may escalate. As schools continue to be closed in line with regulations by UK Government, many teaching staff are worried and concerned that they are unable to see their students, particularly those who sit just outside of the ‘at-risk’ children category.

More worryingly, of those ‘at-risk’ students who schools continue to open for (alongside those of keyworkers) the government found almost half a million vulnerable children were missing from classrooms.

As a result, child protection referrals have dropped by as much as 75% in some areas, with family life hidden behind closed doors during the lockdown and children invisible to the authorities. Students are not getting the support they need during this time and this needs to be addressed.

Impero launches free safeguarding software

Safeguarding should be at the heart of everything we do, prior to school closures announcements, we’ve been working hard to provide the tools schools need to deliver world-class safeguarding. It quickly became apparent that without being able to access safeguarding information of their students easily, schools needed to have digital solution in place to remotely access and maintain student records. To do this, we launched Impero Back:drop, our free digital safeguarding tool, designed to simplify the recording and management of pupil wellbeing.

Supporting teachers carrying out safeguarding processes, such as home visits to children with child protection concerns, Impero Back:drop helps maintain reports in real-time so that no information gaps exist when schools return to normal. While schools are shut, the cloud-based system ensures reporting, access and analysis can continue, enabling remote safeguarding and protecting vulnerable students.

What is Impero Back:drop?

Impero Back:drop enables teachers and safeguarding staff to access a history for each student, including pastoral, child protection, behavioural concerns, or mental health needs, as well as first aid incidents, medical requirements and a log of medicine administration. The system highlights patterns and connects external agencies for a single comprehensive view that enables early interventions and can flag warning signs of serious concerns including suspected home abuse or suicide risk.

Key features include:

  • A full online chronology of every students’ safeguarding, child protection and health concerns
  • Access for all permitted members of staff
  • Intervention & referral management to external agencies
  • Whole-school reporting
  • COVID-19 health tracking

How to sign up

Impero Back:drop is designed to be straightforward to use and quick to implement, so that schools can begin reporting almost immediately. The onboarding process is simple: schools create an account, and then import student and staff data using a CSV file. Depending on the amount of data being uploaded, most schools can be ready to go within half an hour.

It is completely free of charge for schools today, tomorrow and indefinitely with no catches, agendas or invoices. You can get started in two simple steps here:

To find out more, book a demo below:



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