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An Impero guide to GDPR compliance

11th October 2017

There’s no doubt you’ve heard the term ‘GDPR’ (General Data Protection Regulation) thrown around a lot lately – in the staff room, in articles and blogs, and on social media. But what does it mean for schools? Following a number of queries from concerned customers, we decided to partner with law firm Farrer & Co to create a handy guide designed to dispel some of the myths around GDPR compliance, provide an overview of the key considerations for schools, explain how Impero’s products can assist with compliance, and answer some of the frequently raised questions we’ve encountered.

considerations around GDPR for schools

While the basic structure of data protection law will remain the same, there are several considerations for independent, state schools, academies and Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) to acknowledge before GDPR comes into force.

identify a compliance lead at your school

Schools should designate someone within the school to take responsibility for data. While this does not have to be a standalone role, it is important to consider the implications this may have on an employee’s workload and ensure that the role is not viewed as simply an “IT issue”.

stay on top of ICO guidance

Since the UK government announced the implementation of GDPR, a busier programme of new ICO guidance is now expected in 2017/2018. Draft guidance on consent has already been published (in March 2017), but the final version may not emerge until much later in the year, so schools should ensure they check this on release here.

carry out an audit of your school’s personal data

It is important to identify what personal data your school holds, where the data is obtained, how it is used and why. Download our GDPR compliance guide for more information on how to execute an audit.


Where consent is required, schools should review how this consent is sought, obtained and recorded. In the UK, the age of data consent under GDPR will be 13 years old. Download our GDPR guide and refer to section 7 for more information on consent.

what to do next

To learn more about how Impero Education Pro supports GDPR compliance and to read through our FAQ, download the full GDPR guide here.

attend our seminar

If you want to know more about monitoring systems and GDPR compliance, why not book a place at our Implementing Monitoring Systems and GDPR Compliance in Leeds on Thursday 9th November? With expert advice and interactive discussion from UK Safer Internet Centre/South West Grid for Learning, Alan Mackenzie (E-Safety Advisor), Charlotte Aynsley (Online Safety Consultant) and Farrer & Co, the seminar aims to clarify a school’s legal obligations around safeguarding and data protection, in light of new legislation and national guidance.

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