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How we work with Harmless

20th June 2018

who are Harmless?

Harmless is a national voluntary organisation providing self-harm support to individuals affected by self-harm, alongside their friends, families and professionals. The user-led organisation provides a range of services including support, information, training, and consultancy to help individuals affected by self-harm. Harmless now deliver a range of services and also deliver The Tomorrow Project.

our partnership

Here at Impero, we have partnered with Harmless to develop our keyword detection libraries available as part of our flagship product, Impero Education Pro. This partnership helps to aid the safety of students living with suicidal thoughts, by detecting terms and keywords that may indicate suicidal thinking.

Not only has Harmless helped to develop our libraries with self-harm related content designed to keep vulnerable students safe, but the voluntary organisation also hosts regular events at our Nottingham-based training suite, located at our UK head office. These events create great opportunities to promote awareness about sensitive topics and offer support for people experiencing suicidal feelings. Find out more about events by Harmless here.


At the beginning of this week, Harmless hosted the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) course at our head office in Nottingham. This course was designed to increase the attendees’ skills, abilities and confidence in their job role to support those at risk of suicide and to help them be better prepared to deal with those at risk. The training was provided for those who were 16 and over and who wanted to be able to provide suicide first aid. Harmless are hosting this event again in September, so if you are interested in finding out more click here.

For more information about safeguarding young people from self-harm, visit Harmless’ website.

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