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How can you use technology to support social distancing in the classroom?

1st June 2020

Since the announcement that some schools will return on the 1st June, teachers have been preparing their classrooms for social distancing. A survey from the National Association of Head Teachers revealed that 83% of headteachers believe the difficulties associated with social distancing in schools could stand in the way of the return of pupils. Smaller class sizes, staggered break times, rearranging furniture and increasing cleaning are some of the way’s schools are encouraged to operate. However, this becomes problematic when a student needs support, especially when utilising technology.

Utilising technology for social distancing in the classroom

Here at Impero, our priority is to ensure that we can support schools with this new change. Being able to support student and teacher safety when they return to school is of the upmost importance. Impero Education Pro, our cross-platform classroom management solution, allows teachers to interact with students on their devices and provide any support they need remotely, whilst still adhering to social distancing requirements. Where schools can provide each student with a device, as part of a 1:1 initiative, there’s no swapping of devices between students (like in a computer lab), helping to minimise the spread of bacteria and allowing teachers and students to remain socially distanced.

Tools to create a socially distanced classroom

There are many features within Impero Education Pro that enable teachers to teach effectively whilst keeping to social distancing rules, ensuring digital learning thrives, despite the circumstances.

  • Live thumbnail view – With visibility of what all students are viewing, accessing and creating online (including all open tabs), teachers are able to see what students are accessing online without having the walk around the classroom.
  • Remote control and support – When students are struggling, teachers can remote control student devices to lend assistance and demonstrate tasks without the need to go over to their desk.
  • Broadcast screen functionality – Teachers can demonstrate how to perform certain tasks, such as a step-by-step account of how to use certain applications, show videos or share resources without the need to all students to gather around the main board.
  • Power on/off tools – IT teams can turn off all the devices within the school from one device, without having to physically touch each device or even leave their office.
  • Live chat – Teachers can assist remotely to provide live feedback, answer questions or lend support to any struggling students.


For more information about Impero Education Pro and configuring its capabilities for social distancing, give us a call on 01509 611341 or book a demonstration here.

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