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Classroom management software helps combat radicalisation

classroom management software set to play a greater role in the fight against radicalisation

15th April 2015

One of the reasons Impero’s leading edge classroom management software enjoys continued popularity is the unrivalled suite of digital classroom monitoring tools included. Our Education Pro software provides everything you need to enforce a school e-safety policy, and – should it become necessary – be alerted to any transgressions.

And while there are many subjects of concern that educators and administrators are used to identifying and addressing in the digital classroom – such as cyberbullying, pornography, racism, eating disorders, self-harm, gambling and accessing other inappropriate online content – one subject currently dominates the school administrator’s attention: radicalisation.

Radicalisation – the support of, or act of becoming involved with terrorism – has increasingly generated headlines in the UK media, following high profile cases of students and young people leaving this country and entering (or at least attempting to) overseas states where organisations deemed as terrorists – most recently IS (Islamic State) – carry out their activities, in the hope of joining them.

The UK government has its ‘Prevent’ strategy to attempt to tackle radicalisation and extremism, and OFSTED offers guidance and best practice advice for schools, as young people can become vulnerable to political persuasions.

Since technology plays an increasingly important role in young people’s day-to-day lives, through the use of smartphones, tablets and laptop/desktop computing, it’s no surprise that these means of communication are very often used for the purpose of radicalisation. Fortunately, if this occurs on the school computer and tablet network, it is often possible to detect, thanks to classroom management software like Impero Education Pro and our digital classroom monitoring features.

With many young people’s interest in radicalisation originating from what they explore on the internet, it’s reassuring to know that our classroom monitoring tools can be customised to detect the inappropriate accessing of this kind of content; real time screen viewing can be monitored classroom wide, and there’s also our unique, proprietary keyword directory databases that can be customised to identify the use of inappropriate language on the school network. With tools like these, educators are better able to identify students who could potentially imperil themselves before things go too far, and receive the support they need.


classroom management software with unrivalled monitoring tools and features

To learn more about Impero’s leading edge classroom management software and our monitoring tools and features please call us on +44 (0) 1509 611 341. Alternatively, email us at [email protected]. Teachers and educators can also book a demo, and download a free trial.


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