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Children's Mental Health Week

Children’s Mental Health Week 2018- Being ourselves

12th February 2018

Children’s Mental Health Week, launched in 2015 by leading mental health charity Place2Be, takes on the theme ‘Being Ourselves’ for its 2018 initiative.

The week brings together young people, parents, professionals, corporate organisations and even the royal family to spread the word of ‘being ourselves’.

Why the theme “being ourselves”?

How we perceive ourselves and how we feel others perceive us can have a detrimental impact on our self-esteem. Symptoms of low self-esteem can make a person feel worthless, undeserving, guilt and unable to recognise positive attributes of themselves.

Although low self-esteem is not a mental health problem in itself, the symptoms can manifest into long term problems such as depression and anxiety.

Focusing on the positives within ourselves and celebrating the unique qualities we all possess encourages a stronger sense of community, positive outlook and a source of strength to cope with the challenges life may throw our way.

Why we all need to practice emotional first aid

Guy Winch, psychologist and author, discusses the importance of mental health and our attitudes towards it in his successful Ted Talk.

Winch states, “We know from dozens of studies that when your self-esteem is lower, you are more vulnerable to stress and to anxiety; that failures and rejections hurt more, and it takes longer to recover from them. So when you get rejected, the first thing you should be doing is to revive your self-esteem, not join Fight Club and beat it into a pulp. When you’re in emotional pain, treat yourself with the same compassion you would expect from a truly good friend.”

A hundred years ago, people began practicing personal hygiene, and life expectancy rates rose by over 50 percent in just a matter of decades. I believe our quality of life could rise just as dramatically if we all began practicing emotional hygiene.”

But how do we focus on the positives?

  • Challenge negative beliefs– Replace negative thoughts with more rational or positive thoughts. This may be difficult, but by focusing on another thought for 2 minutes significantly reduces the urge to revisit a negative thought.
  • Celebrate the little successes– Not every success is world changing (and it doesn’t have to be!). Did you get out of bed this morning? Did you make that phone call you’ve been avoiding? Celebrate it! All small successes are big.
  • Make note of positive things about yourself– Are you creative? Are you a good listener? Are you a calming voice? Are you a good leader? Use these to develop, promote and love yourself. It is what makes you unique after all! If you find this difficult, ask a friend, family member or colleague to help!
  • Make note of positive things others say about you– It can be incredibly easy to focus on the negative moments, events and comments, but what about that time someone thanked you for your time? Complimented your hair/eyes/shoes etc.? Praised you for your hard work? These comments count so much more than the negative- embrace them!


How can Impero Education Pro help promote positive mental health?

With keyword detection, real-time monitoring, access management, and activity logs and incident handling, the online safety features included in Impero Education Pro are designed to help Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs), teaching staff and Senior Leadership Teams (SLT) fulfil their legal obligations and keep students safe.

With keyword libraries including self-harm, suicide and bullying & trolling, staff are able to intervene and offer counter-narratives to help young people arrive at a more positive outcome through receiving direct help and support.


Impero Education Pro’s keyword libraries have been developed in partnership with numerous expert bodies. This includes the Internet Watch Foundation, the Anti-Bullying Alliance, Beat, Bullying UK, Victvs, Harmless, the UK Council for Child Internet Safety, SafeBAE and many more! For the full list, visit our online safety partner page!

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