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education BYOD policy demands a mobile device management software solution

30th April 2015

If your school, like many in the UK, operates a BYOD – Bring Your Own Device – policy, it’s vital that you employ safe and dependable mobile device management software. Without it, educators and administrators run the risk of jeopardizing both the security and integrity of their education network, as well as losing control of what their students can access on the internet.

The trend towards uptake of BYOD has continued to increase year on year as mobile devices become more and more popular in the home environment. With tablet technology continuously improving, and pricing levels making mobile devices more and more accessible to all – against an economic background of dramatic state education budget cuts and reduced spend on classroom technology – the trend in BYOD shows no sign of abating.

While the advantages of BYOD for education are clear, the potential dangers lurking unseen threaten to undermine the policy. Bringing ‘unofficial’ devices to the digital classroom risks introducing unwanted viruses and malware to the education network, with potentially devastating consequences. The addition of unregulated tablet devices also runs the risk of students accessing and sharing inappropriate content – both locally and online – with each other.

Without a suitable mobile device management software tailored for education in place, access to inappropriate content including – but not limited to – pornography, gambling, racism, radicalisation, self-harm and pro-anorexia – can occur unchecked. The same is true of playing online games and accessing social media at the expense of studying and maintaining student attention.

Fortunately, Impero’s highly popular classroom management software, Education Pro, does the job of mobile device management software in the education environment. Unlike some classroom management software, Education Pro is designed to not only manage and monitor traditional desktop computers but also monitor mobile devices too. With a comprehensive and unrivalled suite of class and network management tools specifically tailored for education, our mobile device management software features ensure teachers and administrators retain control of the digital classroom.

Our mobile device management software features include:

  • view live thumbnails in real-time class-wide
  • individual and/or class-wide remote control of mobile devices
  • discretionary block/allow of specified websites
  • broadcast tutor screen to selected screens or class-wide
  • broadcast student screen to others
  • save screenshot
  • send private/public message/chat
  • monitor mobile device keystrokes, window captions, applications, html, URLs

And that’s just the beginning.


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If you’d like to discover the unrivalled advantages of employing Impero Education Pro, and our empowering mobile device management software features, call us now on +44 (0) 1509 611 341. Teachers and administrators can also book a demo and download a free trial. Alternatively, email Impero now at [email protected].

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