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The BRIT School chooses Impero for classroom management and online safety

3rd May 2017

The BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology, a school ‘dedicated to education and training for the performing arts, media, art and design and the technologies that make performance possible’, has selected Impero Education Pro to support its classroom management and safeguarding requirements. With 1200 students and 150 staff using a combination of Windows devices, Macs and Chromebooks, The BRIT School needed a flexible, reliable and cross-platform solution to support learning and protect students using these devices.

Previously, The BRIT School had implemented two products for classroom management and online safety, both provided by the same supplier, NetSupport. The keyword monitoring functionality offered in the provider’s online safety solution only worked on Windows devices, which limited a third of The BRIT School’s environment and thus failed to enable the school to safeguard students fully. Despite both products being provided by the same supplier, the BRIT School found that the two solutions did not communicate with each other and managing these two separate products proved troublesome and inconvenient.

In response to the Department for Education’s revised statutory guidance outlined in Keeping Children Safe in Education, which specifies that schools should ensure an active monitoring system is in place, The BRIT School began the search for an alternative solution better suited to its needs.


why did The BRIT School choose Impero Education Pro?

The BRIT School’s Director of IT was already aware of Impero Education Pro and its ability to support network admin, classroom management and online safety seamlessly from a single consolidated solution. Following product developments to the Impero Education Pro package and a timely phone call from Impero, the school’s Director of IT was introduced to new and improved functionality via an online demo and a free trial.

Anthony Milgate, Director of IT at The BRIT School, speaks of the move to Impero’s product offering, “Impero Education Pro gives us a good oversight of the whole school, while empowering teachers with the confidence to control the classroom and monitor activity in line with Ofsted’s best practice managed approach. The classroom management tools allow our teachers to introduce new ways of presenting and collaborating in the learning environment. Many of our teachers use sites or resources, such as social media, in lessons for collaborative working; Impero Education Pro enables them to provide access to these tools when required, while ensuring they remain focused and safe.

The keyword monitoring is very good, generating a significantly low number of false positives compared to other solutions. The Confide system complements our approach to safeguarding and online safety well by ensuring that our students are safe, that they feel safe, and that they can speak to someone about their concerns. Education is a big part of our approach to safeguarding students and with Impero Education Pro, we’re certainly covering our duty of care.

Impero Education Pro is easy to implement and use – it’s a robust, flexible and affordable solution that completely meets our needs in terms of classroom management and online safety.”


If you would like to find out more about how Impero Education Pro can help empower teachers with classroom control tools and keep students safe in line with Ofsted and statutory guidance, click here.


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