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Beat the budget

Beat the Budget

22nd March 2019

Feeling the budget crunch? Over the past few years, state school budgets have deteriorated. As a result, many schools hold onto their budget allocation to make sure they have enough to cover expenses throughout the financial year. If the budget given to schools has not been used throughout the 12 months, the council will take back any surplus amount. In 2017 14,498 schools had a budget surplus accounting for £1.89 billion, demonstrating how cautious schools are with spending during the budget crunch.


88% of schools start planning for the new budget at least three months before the start of the new financial year

84% of Business Managers meet with the Head Teacher either weekly or monthly to discuss finances and make budget plans

68% of schools start planning for the new budgets at least six months before the start of the new financial year


What do schools use their budget for?

There are many things schools invest in to keep the things running like a well-oiled machine and to ensure students get the most out of their time at school. It is estimated that schools spend £17 billion on school staff including teachers and non-teaching support staff, £1.79 billion on building and maintenance, £939 million on catering supplies and £1.39 billion on learning resources. This accumulates to an average of £4,554 spent on each pupil!


How can you beat the budget?

Towards the end of this financial year, schools will be looking to use up any budget surplus before the next financial year’s budget are allocated. But, how could your school use up any budget surplus and beat the budget? IT infrastructure and technology is a great way to use up any budget surplus. Chromebooks, netbooks and tablets are a great way to bring technology into the classroom to support lessons and enhance student learning, without breaking the bank. Another great way to use any budget surplus is to spend on small building maintenance issues, like a leaky pipe or a small crack that, if left ignored, could turn into a costly issue. Additionally, budget surplus could be spent on trips or experiences to give pupils broader cultural enrichment, or to support a topic they are focusing on in lessons.


How can Impero help you beat the budget?

As the budget season comes to a close, it is the perfect time to check out all the latest changes at Impero! Impero is now modular and in the cloud, helping you make the most of your budgets. Impero can benefit all those within the school from IT teams to safeguarding staff. Our flagship product Impero Education Pro was developed in line with Ofsted and ISI and combines our Impero EdAdmin, Impero EdTeach and Impero EdProtect modules, providing the three core elements needed to support digital learning effectively.


If you are interested in learning more book a demo here!


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