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A student’s perspective: why every school should use Education Pro

1st March 2017

Joss Moffat, a student from Rushcliffe School, recently spent a week at Impero gaining work experience across the business, including sales, marketing and development. In this blog, he discusses his experience of Impero Education Pro at school, how he thinks the software helps to keep students safe and promote a greener future, and why he thinks every school should use Education Pro.


As a student, my experiences with Impero can be, at times, frustrating. The plethora of times I’ve been locked out of my computer mid-project, mid-sentence, or mid-word is astounding. Yet, behind my personal distaste of receiving a grey screen with the Impero logo superimposed onto it, telling me I have been locked out, is a profound respect for this sophisticated and integral piece of software. Nowadays, we are becoming increasingly more dependent on the technology around us and with these advancements technology allows us to do wonderful things, but at the same time, children become vulnerable when others abuse these advances. Consequently, online safety is paramount topic in a school’s duty to protect their students and for the future of our society.

The company Impero is heavily focused on the education and safety of students, hence its software is engineered to help students focus more and remain safe. They promote this in many different ways through their product with the implementation of dynamic keyword libraries. These lists block certain phrases and words, which then give real-time alerts, ultimately stopping bullying and access to things students shouldn’t be looking at. This then gives feedback to the teachers who can then proactively deal with any incidents that need to be addressed and discourage further incidents to occur, in turn, providing a better learning environment and a safer school community.

Moreover, the software also offers a sophisticated classroom management system acting as a great medium between student and teacher. Teachers can monitor what the children are doing with the use of active thumbnails but also provide help to children who need it, by sending them resources; messages in order to help; or further questions to consolidate the pupils’ knowledge, consequently readying them for their futures.

Finally, the application offers a great power-saving utility which allows the school to save power and hence money, but more importantly, indirectly impact the learning environment for students. Through additional money and resources, the school can then use these extra assets to improve student learning and the environment around them, dimming the effects of global warming; again preparing the next generation for the future.

Personally, I believe Impero is such a fundamental piece of software. If you aren’t using it, I pose the question: “Why not?”. At times, I think we underestimate what Impero does. As students we are more likely to single out the negatives of things we don’t appreciate, because it can be easier than seeing the positives in it. However, I think Impero, as a company and as a software provider, will guide the way to a safer future not only online, but also by contributing to saving the planet, and we should be thankful for this. We should be wary of the threats posed to children online and be vigilant to combat them when in school, which Impero helps us to do.

Thank you Impero!