using two-in one devices for back to school technology management

Two-in-one devices: a back to school technology management game changer?

As the ever-evolving world of technological advancements grows, so do K-12 schools and districts’ desires for 2-in-1 devices; a convertible device that combines features of a laptop and tablet into one. With devices of this nature having a large role in further improving student outcomes, the management of back to school technology  is said to become increasingly driven around 2-in-1’s.

At this time there are more than 14 million computing devices in K-12 schools, composed of over 5 million desktops, 4 million laptops, and 3 million tablets. In 2013 and 2014 iPads flooded the education technology market. Then in 2015, Chromebook sales accounted for more than half of all devices sold to the US education sector. Now, according to this report in EdTech Magazine, 2-in-1’s are the latest school technology trending phenomenon. This leaves us to ask, why have schools started to integrate 2-in-1’s into their classrooms?

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2-in-1’s adapt to student needs

2-in-1’s are becoming growingly favored due to their ability to adapt to different student’s needs. With their high-resolution display and reversible docking aiding interaction with digital resources, while their detachable design facilitates content creation through the use of applications such as Microsoft Word. Simply put, while a tablet is great for app use, video viewing, and reading, it’s hard to write a research paper without a keyboard.

2-in-1’s save time and budget

Although this month marks the beginning of a new school year, management of back to school technology has likely been on every mind of IT Manager for several months. With new year’s budget cuts, many schools have had to find innovative and cost effective ways to add to their device offerings. Adding devices, however, means having more to manage for often already spread thin staff. Having said this, 2-in-1’s cut down the number of devices that need to be kept track of through their ability transform from a tablet to a laptop, sparing up both budget and time.

2-in-1’s can be managed alongside existing back to school technology

Every district IT manager knows it takes a mix of multiple device platforms, styles, and functions of school technology devices to meet the needs of students, faculty, staff. Due to budgetary constraints, school growth, and even teacher preference, schools often have desktop computers, iPads, Chromebooks, and laptops all in concurrent use. Now the addition of 2-in-1’s into the mix may seem like a game changer as far as technology management. Because 2-in-1’s merely combine the power of a laptop with the portability of a tablet, they can be managed easily alongside all other school devices by adopting a software solution product such as Impero Education Pro, enabling a consolidated solution for managing technology and devices.

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Impero understands the pressures that comes at this time of year regarding management of back to school technology. That’s why the Education Pro consolidated software solution allows schools to satisfy all the concerns and requests received during this busy time of year. (And all the rest of the year too!) From your teachers who want to be able to change login details for student locked out of their accounts, to making sure your acceptable use policies are followed, to pushing out software updates remotely, Impero covers it all. And it works on all device platforms. Now that’s a game changer!

To find out more about how our network, classroom, and internet safety management software can help your school or district to provide this consolidated approach, request a free demo and trial on our website. To talk to our team of education experts, call 877.883.4370, or email Impero now to arrange a call back.