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the top 5 elementary school software and learning apps

Younger students are more tech-savvy than ever. If you’re an elementary school teacher, you might be panicking about this. But many schools, including yours, are already using a range of elementary school software and applications to aid learning, so you’re probably not as far behind as you think.

Here at Impero, we’ve spoken to several elementary school teachers and have picked the top 5 elementary school software, applications and resources currently being used by schools across various curriculum areas to facilitate effective learning in the classroom.


the top 5 elementary school software used by schools


A great resource for teaching programming to younger students is Scratch, an elementary school software resource. Helping to teach the basic concepts of programming, Scratch is both fun and easy to use. Better still, it’s free.



Providing access to built-in lessons, as well as a space for students to complete homework online, MyMaths offers animations and tools to visibly demonstrate mathematical concepts clearly to younger audiences.



A customizable reward platform, VivoMiles offers a reward system specifically for younger students, called VivoJunior, allowing elementary schools to recognize and reward students’ achievements and improve engagement.


Bug Club

A whole-school reading programme, Bug Club blends the paperback world with the online world. It’s interactive and can be tailored to individual reading abilities, encouraging young students to fall in love with the written word while improving literacy skills.



Fronter is a virtual learning environment, providing elementary schools with a host of learning tools, such as setting tasks, creating hand in assignments and designing learning plans to facilitate effective learning across the whole school.


Elementary schools are always on the hunt for new online resources to enhance learning, and it’s no surprise – there are some great elementary school software products and apps out there to experiment with. And we’ve discovered the benefits they offer, too.

If we’ve highlighted any in our top 5 elementary school software list that you’re yet try, why not consider researching these further to see if they can help improve learning in your school?

YouID Access by Impero enables elementary schools to deliver seamless sign-in to all web-based applications and resources with one password and a single click.


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