the WHY and HOW of internet safety in schools

With all the technology now in schools, student internet safety has been an important topic. Now that nearly every state has laws on cyberbullying, monitoring students to identify potential risks is a necessity. But without technology to identify issues such as cyberbullying, racial and religious hatred, violence, and other threats, detecting, reporting and addressing them can be difficult.

Impero has put together some short videos that help explain why internet safety and safeguarding  students is a necessity and how Education Pro can help in keeping students safe online.


Simply blocking and filtering online content is not the answer. The video below shows a powerful message that helps convey an understanding of why internet safety is a serious matter.


Now that the importance of Internet safety has been established, this next video shows how Impero Education Pro can help. Education Pro, a comprehensive software solution for network, classroom, and internet safety management, can help detect, manage, report, and address incidents captured from student devices connected to a school’s network.


Impero Education Pro helps IT teams to support busy networks, empowers teachers to control the digital classroom, and keeps students safe from the risks posed by the digital world. This video shows an overview of how this powerful software can help schools harness the power of technology in education.

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