supporting internet safety in schools with launch of new version

With growing concerns around internet safety in schools, Impero Education Pro is equipped with safety elements to aid in safeguarding students from online risks. Designed alongside national non-profit safety groups and US school district IT teams, our keyword library feature has been developed to the highest level of peace of mind.

Fully integrated into the broader Impero Education Pro package, our internet safety feature works seamlessly alongside the software’s network admin and classroom control tools.

how the update supports internet safety in schools

Impero Education Pro’s internet safety function provides identification of key words, phrases, abbreviations or acronyms, which are typed, used or viewed anywhere on a school’s network (including html, web browsers, emails, applications, etc), helping to pinpoint vulnerable students potentially engaged in at-risk activity so that the relevant support can be provided before an incident escalates. Keywords and phrases have been developed in the following categories:

  • Adult content
  • Anti-bullying and trolling
  • Counter-radicalization (including Arabic script)
  • Eating disorders
  • Grooming
  • Racial and religious hatred
  • Self-harm
  • Suicide
  • LGBT derogatory language

what’s new in Education Pro version 5.4?

As concerns over internet safety for students has grown, we’ve focused our efforts on developing the online safety element of Education Pro to better support online safety in schools. Our latest version (5.4), available now, has now been enhanced to include even more categories and phrases to help detect, prevent, and address online risks to students. In addition to our existing keyword lists, version 5.4 of Education Pro now features:

  • Illegal Content keyword list
  • Drugs and Substance Misuse keyword list
  • Weapons and Violence keyword list

Other exciting updates in our latest version include:

  • Improved Chromebook connectivity
  • Updated Logviewer, including enhanced permissions
  • Additional reporting functionality

Impero customers should have received an email explaining with information on how to download this most recent version. For questions or assistance with our current release, please contact us here.

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