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Even for the classroom tech guru, using software for teachers and tutors to support learning can be challenging. Sometimes it may feel like your students more of a heads-up on technology than you do. And having been exposed to the digital world since birth, students naturally expect to access social media, games, blogs and other online communications throughout their school careers.

Keeping your students engaged with your lessons and safe in the virtual world is no mean feat. Undeniably, the opportunities afforded by the virtual world are endless, yet so is the potential for distraction and internet safety risks, particularly with a classroom full of curious and click-happy students. Do you find yourself dashing from student to student trying to maintain focus on your lesson’s objectives?

The classroom as you once knew it is fading away, moving to a digitally focused environment. Our software solutions were originally created inside the classroom, and we’re continuously developing our products in direct response to the hardship you face in the digital classroom every day. Arming teachers with a powerful suite of classroom control software, you’ll have everything you need to boost learning, monitor activity and safeguard students at your fingertips.

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Fear not if you’re a less than tech-savvy teacher. You have something more important thing to be concerned with: learning! That’s why we’ve spent the last 12 years creating a line of simple and intuitive remote monitoring and classroom management software for teachers to help modernize learning, without the challenges.

To find out more about our software for teachers including classroom management software, get a quote or download a free trial today.

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