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When you send your child to school, you expect them to feel safe, supported and happy, whether that’s in class, in the halls, during extracurricular activities or online.

Of course, schools block and filter inappropriate content on the Internet. But with so many dangers in the online world, it’s evident that simply blocking Internet access is no longer sufficient in protecting children online. We need to educate our students to make good choices, and then monitor to ensure that these choices are being made. Once we’ve taught students the skills to stay safe online, we need to give them the chance to practice those skills.

iKeepSafe, one of our online safety partners, have some useful resources designed for parents and young people which can be found here.

Impero Education Pro Classroom Management Software

Impero Education Pro was specifically developed to help kids make good digital choices in school. These tools help keep them safe and protected in the online learning environment. That’s why when your child attends an Impero school and uses technology, you can be certain that he or she is in safe hands.

Designed in line with national, state and local technology guidelines and best practices, Impero Education Pro empowers teaching staff to monitor and manage the digital learning environment. In turn, students are focused, on task and safe from Internet dangers.

The software’s keyword detection features scan for certain terms typed anywhere on the network, including in email applications, search engines, URLs or HTML. Within the control panel, administrators are able to add in specific keywords that are questionable in nature. If the software detects adult terms or misconduct, it then takes a screenshot or video, and the flagged activity is assigned a severity rating. School staff can then view this information within the wider context of a student’s behavior and make the judgement call.

Impero Education Pro also allows teaching staff to monitor students’ online activity from their screen in real time. A thumbnail view of all student screens in one central view allows for any instances of risky or inappropriate behavior to be dealt with as they occur – just like any other behavioral issue. Our software also provides a complete log of all online activity; this helps staff identify online safety patterns and address these issues with appropriate support for particular students. It can also help staff create class lessons and build school-wide assemblies on Internet safety subjects of concern.

We also understand that some students find it difficult to speak up when they feel worried, scared or anxious. If your child doesn’t feel comfortable voicing their concerns face-to-face, Impero Education Pro includes an anonymous reporting tool called Confide. Confide enables students to inform staff about any concerns they have — either about themselves or another pupil — to a member of staff of their choice completely confidentially.


If your child’s school uses Impero Education Pro (or even if his or her school doesn’t) and you’d like to know more about our software, please feel free to get in touch with us for more information.



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