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Given the ever-changing nature of educational technology, efficiently managing basic tasks can be a challenge for network managers. Tracking software, conducting general admin, tackling support requests and managing a busy network… do you often find yourself working against the clock?

To top it off, network managers and IT teams are always the ‘go to’ people whenever an issue arises, however big or small. It’s tiring darting between classrooms and computer labs, investigating and correcting problems for both fellow staff and students. Overall, this is unproductive, inefficient and easily avoidable using our solutions.

We understand the day-to-day challenges you face and the difficulties you encounter when managing the digital learning environment. Whether it’s monitoring device activity, ensuring internet safety, managing equipment or safeguarding and network security – there’s a lot for you to keep on top of.

Born in the classroom, Impero’s product line has been developed over the last 12 years in direct response to the struggles experienced by network managers, technology directors and IT staff; the same struggles you’re probably already far too familiar with.

Our remote monitoring and management software network managers are designed to save time and reduce the workload for IT teams, by automating several administrative and time-consuming processes, allowing you to focus on value-adding tasks.

To find out more about our network manager software, contact us today on 877-883-4370 or

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