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When students enter a career and technical education program, they are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate, college and career-ready manner. Even so, the classic issues associated with online learning remain commonplace.

Career and technical schools support a variety of students from various feeder schools and career clusters; these students also typically bear an array of learning styles. And a vast offering of programs – from agricultural science and engineering to welding and graphic arts technology – means the need for enhanced learning environments and specialist resources grows. In turn, so does the need for computing monitoring software.

Regardless of age or ability, all students can fall prey to the distractions of the online world or, worryingly, risk their safety. Oftentimes instructors need to move around a large lab, classroom or shop area. During such times, they need the peace of mind that students are safe and focused in their online environment.

Next, there’s the management of a large network, hundreds of users and multiple applications to manage, which can lead to the rise of network security issues. It’s strenuous, it’s costly, but it’s essential.

At Impero, we believe that embracing online and digital learning is vital in career and technical education, though we understand the challenges encountered when trying to harness such an environment. That’s why we’ve spent that last 12 years developing cost-effective network management and computer monitoring software solutions for CTE to support this vision.

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