We started in education, we understand education and we recognize the unique requirements of the education sector. Over the years, and with all this in mind, we’ve continued to develop our solutions in direct response to the changing demands of our customers and the modern online learning environment, releasing a host of new software versions and products to our growing portfolio.

Working with elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges, we have developed a range of powerful remote monitoring, classroom management & network management software solutions designed to promote a better, safer and more dynamic learning environment.

education sectors

Impero EdLink

mobile device management (MDM) software Compatible with Android, iOS and Chrome OS* EdLink allows schools to manage mobile devices effectively, supporting BYOD and 1:1 schemes. Geolocation-based management Intelligent SSID, GPS and iBeacon technologies allow schools to control device applications an...

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elementary school software

As technology becomes one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy, it’s critical that students are immersed in the digital world. This means that from the moment their little feet step into the foundation unit, there’s an ICT programme in place to bring learning to life.

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high school software

Today’s secondary school students are more tech-savvy than ever before. Armed with the latest gadgetry, chances are they’ve been tweeting, blogging and gaming online for years. The modern classroom should find innovative ways to facilitate learning across a range of curriculum areas.

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software for colleges

When students make the transition from secondary school to further education, it’s generally expected that they will continue their learning in a mature working environment. That being said, the typical problems associated with computer-based learning remain as prevalent as ever.

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career & technology schools

By the time students hit higher education, they are familiar with the using IT to facilitate learning and support personal development. It’s important that on reaching this next stage of their education, the quality and standard of computer-based learning steps up. That's where Impero comes in.

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solutions for

guidance counselor software

School staff members are responsible for keeping students safe and in line with national, state and local technology guidelines and best practices. Those in dedicated school guidance counselor roles, however, have a specific obligation to take a lead on school safeguarding practices. As one of the f...

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parents & caregivers

When you send your child to school, you expect them to feel safe, supported and happy, whether that’s in class, in the halls, during extracurricular activities or online. Of course, schools block and filter inappropriate content on the Internet. But with so many dangers in the online world, it’s...

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network managers & IT directors

With new technology on the rise in education, you’re bound to be feeling the burden. General admin, software to keep track of, support requests stacking up, and a busy network to manage – do you find yourself bending over backwards just to get things done?

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teachers & tutors software

Whether you’re a technophobe or a techno-whizz, using IT to support learning is never without its challenges. It’s no secret; young people are more tech-savvy than ever, all too aware of the distractions offered up from the digital world.

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school & district administrators

Juggling budgets, pupils, staff responsibility and curriculum developments are just a few of the daily demands for any headteacher. With so much on your plate, and the pressure to keep up-to-date with the latest gadgetry to aid learning, let Impero help.

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our education products

Our flagship product, Impero Education Pro combines classroom management, network management and internet safety in one all encompassing, comprehensive solution. This includes the remote monitoring of computers and tablets, including iPads and Chromebooks.

CURRENT VERSION: 5.4 (build 5.4.38)