24th July 2014, Loughborough – Impero has launched a new identity management product
that manages online password usage in schools. YouID Access is the first ever tool that
enables seamless sign in to password protected web resources using a single login.
Impero, the UK’s leading classroom and network management solution provider, is
constantly innovating to ensure it pre-empts and reacts quickly to the everyday challenges
faced by teachers; its YouID Access solution is a direct response to the rise of cloud
computing across the education sector.

The cloud has given schools access to the latest innovative learning and management tools,
but with so many now in use, from YouTube, Office365, and Google Apps, to Moodle, and
Drupal, schools have never before had to securely manage so many passwords. YouID
Access enables teachers and pupils to seamlessly sign in just once in order to access every
online platform, from any location, to support their online learning.

Jonathan Valentine, CEO and founder of Impero, comments: “Single Sign On platforms
administer one login, but still require the user to log into each separate cloud service.
“We have taken single sign on one step further and developed Seamless Sign In – teachers,
students and network managers can securely access all of their web resources using a
onetime login. It’s faster, more secure, and more efficient – it saves network managers time
and reduces the admin burden on teachers in the classroom.”

Account provisioning is also automated, meaning network managers save valuable time,
previously wasted on laborious, administrative tasks such as creating accounts for new
starters at the beginning of each school year and empowering students with the YouID
Access Self Service Password Reset feature.

Valentine continues: “Online resources now play a vital role in education, but their use also
raises concerns about data security and the time required to manage them. A seamless sign
in tool like YouID Access, which consolidates all the login details used for cloud systems into
one secure portal, overcomes both of these issues.”

Commenting on YouID, Shafique Fazal, vice principal of Arnold Hill Academy says: “Cloudbased
applications are fantastic for digital learning, but sometimes the logistics of
remembering and entering multiple passwords prevents young people from learning. I said
very early on that YouID Access would transform learning for us and I am confident that it
will. It saves time, enhances learning and reduces costs.”



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About Impero Software

Impero Software offers a range of network management products, relied upon by education
establishments and workplaces around the world. Founded in 2002, it is currently accessed
via one million computers in over 40 countries. In the UK it is a market leading provider of
Classroom and Network Management Software, with a 27 per cent market share of
secondary schools and 24 per cent of colleges.

The company provides intelligent school ICT management helping teams cut costs and
improve staff productivity. Its cutting edge software and powerful learning tools assist
schools in the day to day running of their computer networks, putting teachers back in
control of the classroom and enabling them to proactively deal with e-safety on a daily basis.