Impero Software’s partner, SafeBAE, launches ‘Quit This Shit’ Campaign Aimed at Stopping Teen Survivor Harassment and Re-victimization

Impero Software’s partner, SafeBAE, launches ‘Quit This Shit’ Campaign Aimed at Stopping Teen Survivor Harassment and Re-victimization  


Created with the teen sexual-assault survivors from the Netflix documentary Audrie & Daisy, the video and website will be pushed out via social media channels 

Simi Valley, CA,  April 4th, 2017 – To call attention to Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the co-founders of SafeBAE, who are also the subjects of the Netflix Documentary Audrie & Daisy, will launch Quit This Shit, a new campaign to raise awareness about, and put an end to, the online harassment and re-victimization of teen sexual-assault survivors.  As a partner, Impero supports SafeBAE and its efforts to keep teens and all students safe online.

SafeBAE is announcing the Quit This Shit Campaign in New York City the four SafeBAE co-founders (Daisy Coleman, Jada Smith, Ella Fairon and Daisy’s brother, Charlie Coleman) will speak to students at Stony Brook University in Stony Brook,  Long Island and at The Lab School in Manhattan. The co-founders will talk with the students about sexual assault prevention, bystander intervention, enthusiastic and positive consent, survivor self-care and Title IX rights as they relate to teen survivors.

Daisy, Jada, and Ella were sexually assaulted when they were high school students which led them to found SafeBAE in 2016. Being sexual assault survivors and now peer educators and activists themselves makes them especially driven and uniquely positioned to successfully shift teen culture around topics of consent, prevention, intervention and survivor rights.

Most of SafeBAE’s work is spent touring the country and speaking creatively and age-appropriately to students in middle and high school about concrete ways to dismantle rape culture.  All school presentations are supported by SafeBAE’s educational videos and Title IX PSA.

The Quit This Shit campaign is comprised of the #QuitThisShit video ( and website (

The video was created to catch the attention of SafeBAE’s audience – fellow students ages 12-18 – and to talk about the dangerous impact of social media harassment after a sexual assault.  The SafeBAE team is featured in the video along with a dozen teens who read the actual texts and DMs Daisy, Jada and Ella received after their assaults. “We need to make people understand that what they write, share and comment on over social media contributes to destroying survivors’ lives.  My harassment was as harmful to me as my assault and it brought me to want to end my life multiple times,” Daisy shared. “SafeBAE’s mission in the video is to stop the shit talking and re-victimization after an assault is discovered or reported.”

Ella added, “SafeBAE and Quit This Shit are different from other consent education and bystander intervention programs and campaigns because we are using peer-to-peer education and positive reinforcement to shift culture around consent and the online harassment that happens to victims in the aftermath of an assault.  We came together so that other survivors would know they are not alone. They will get through this, just like we did.”

The Quit This Shit website hosts the main video, as well as additional campaign videos, the pledge to ‘not talk shit,’ and links connecting users to SafeBAE’s activist resources to help viewers change rape culture in their schools and communities.

“We cannot afford to wait until college to have discussions about consent and healthy relationships,” Jada said. “Consent workshops in college are too late to make real and lasting change when so many kids are becoming sexually active earlier and when ideas about intimacy, relationships and sex are formed in adolescence.”

Impero Software, which provides network administration, classroom management and internet safety software to schools, partnered with SafeBAE earlier this year to update Impero’s libraries of keywords relating to sexting, grooming and cyberbullying, and create a new keyword library relating to sexual assault. Impero’s software creates an alert if students use any of the keywords or phrases found in the libraries while using devices on the school network. Educators are then able to view the students’ comments and internet searches in context to determine the appropriate next steps.

“Our goal is to provide schools with tools and resources to keep students safe. This includes keeping them safe from sexting, sexual assault, or related cyberbullying,” said Impero CEO Sam Pemberton. “Our partnership with SafeBAE is already helping to do this. We hope this new campaign and outreach by SafeBAE’s founders will bring even more awareness to these important issues.”

In Audrie & Daisy, Charlie, Daisy’s older brother, shares his voice as a family member, an ally, and a coach and mentor to young athletes. Charlie has said of his involvement with SafeBAE, “If I can inspire one boy to intervene, one girl to speak out, or save one life, it’ll all have been worth it.”


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SafeBAE (

SafeBAE is the only national survivor-founded organization which works exclusively with middle and high-school students to educate 12-18 year olds about positive consent, dating violence, sexual assault prevention, re-victimization and bystander intervention, survivor self-care, and survivor rights under Title IX.

Audrie & Daisy Documentary: The film features the stories of all of the co-founders of SafeBAE and their initial meeting. It was shown at Sundance 2016 and was released on Netflix this past September. (See the trailer or watch it on Netflix. You can also read Variety’s review.)



Twitter: @quit_this_shit

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For more information about the campaign and Impero’s involvement with SafeBAE, contact Jessica Axt at 410-975-9638 or via email at [email protected]. For more information about SafeBAE, or to arrange an interview with the co-founders -Daisy, Jada, Ella or Charlie – contact Shael Norris, Executive Director of SafeBAE, at 917-449-8708 or [email protected].