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“I wouldn’t be able to perform my role without it!”



Segbroek College, located in the Netherlands, believes in a contemporary approach to education. The school is dedicated to ensuring consistency between all subjects, departments and the variety of extracurricular special talent programmes it offers. These include creative areas, such as the performing arts, textiles and computer editing; special sporting activities; and technological design, which links engineering and design. Due to its forward-thinking attitude, with a keen focus on a healthy school atmosphere, Segbroek College required an efficient solution to manage its IT environment.


The size of Segbroek College’s network is typical of a standard secondary school setup. However, due to its modern view of education, the teachers were experiencing issues with monitoring students when using computers to assist learning. Students would often be caught browsing social media sites as opposed to focusing on their work, and the teachers would have to race from computer-to-computer in order to keep everyone on track. Eager to address these issues, Segbroek College experimented with several classroom management software solutions including NetSupport and LanSchool, but the installation of these solutions proved difficult and the software failed to operate as it claimed to.


After trialling several failed solutions, the school’s Head of IT consulted fellow technicians through Edugeek, an online forum for IT staff working in education, and discovered Impero. After trialling Impero Education Pro for 30 days, the school found the software to be so powerful, it never looked back. The software’s ability to provide varying levels of access rights for different members of staff suited Segbroek College’s arrangement, with factors such as disabling USB devices, disabling sound and viewing live thumbnails of student screens carried out at the simple click of a button. Student productivity was seen to improve immediately, with the threat of the software serving as a deterrent alone.


Initially used to monitor and manage students in the digital learning environment, the Head of IT quickly discovered the software provided more than the average classroom management solution.  Following the installation process, which proved seamless, the broad range of network management features also incorporated into Impero Education Pro were revealed. Now the software is used as a complete network management software, replacing the several disparate software packages previously in place.



Segbroek College has realised a variety of benefits, including:

saves time – all students and staff members benefit from the remote control and support feature. Teachers can assist a student if they are confused on a task and the IT team can resolve technical issues for teachers during lessons, as well as all faculty staff, at any location in the building.

improves productivity – student behaviour and productivity improved dramatically from the instant the software was installed. Students know that they are being monitored and that a complete log of all activity will be stored for evidence of misuse. The threat of this prevents the majority of inappropriate behaviour.

increases efficiency  the complete management of the network, with all user and network activity stored in a central location, increases the efficiency of the network. Power management and print management help to prevent waste and general IT administration tasks have been simplified.


Q&A with Ron Planken, Head of IT Department

has the software provided any unexpected benefits?

Most definitely. When we first implemented Impero Education Pro we were purely looking for a classroom management solution to monitor what our students were accessing online. Not only is Education Pro superior to other classroom management software solutions in the marketplace, but it offers a wide suite of network management features which are often installed as individual products. Patch management in the latest version release was a huge surprise. It’s something we had been looking to invest in – no other solution in the market offers this feature.

how has the software helped you in your role?

The vast functionality of the software enables me to do so much and is a massive time-saver. Everything from inventory management and power management, to rolling out software, can be achieved with just one touch. Whether it’s assisting a staff member with a feature on word, resolving a technical issue on a specific machine, helping an end-user or just the general maintenance of the network, Impero Education Pro does everything.

what has your experience been of Impero’s technical support?

The technical support team are extremely professional and have always worked hard to discover the root of the problem if I’ve ever had an issue.

how would you sum up Impero?

I wouldn’t be able to perform my role without it! It saves so much time, it’s absolutely essential in any IT environment.