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our story

Here at Impero, we’re a bunch of technology enthusiasts who just happen to love education. That’s why it lies at the heart of everything we do. For us, the EdTech space is the most exciting place to be, and over the past 14 years we’ve dedicated our skills to solving complex problems with simple solutions for schools across the globe.

Investing heavily in our technology we are proud to launch a major new release of our flagship product, Impero Education Pro, each quarter. Responding to customer feedback and staying one step ahead of the market trends, the process of researching, developing and refining our software is continual and we love it!

We know that the online world provides endless opportunities for teaching and learning, but we also understand that it can present certain challenges. So, whether you’re responsible for managing a busy network, the safeguarding of students, or teaching with technology, Impero Education Pro has been specially designed for you. In recent years, as concerns over online risk have intensified, we’ve invested heavily in the online safety functionality of Impero Education Pro. We’ve formed key partnerships with a range of charities and specialist organisations to help us develop our software in compliance with Ofsted and ISI guidelines and support schools with their safeguarding duties.

Alongside Impero Education Pro, we’ve recently brought several major product launches to the mix; iSafeguard (an online safeguarding training hub), Impero Insight (a cloud-based reporting and analytics module) and Impero EdLink (an MDM solution). These product launches are based on direct feedback from our loyal customer base, over 90% of which renew their support contracts with us each year.


a dedicated team

We have a large, highly skilled and dedicated support team here at Impero, working 8am – 8pm UK time and 5am – 5pm Eastern time each day to support our growing global customer base. With two offices (UK and LA) our 85 strong team is growing by the day and we invite anyone that shares our passion for EdTech to get in touch and check out the latest career opportunities at Impero.


strong leadership

In September 2015, we welcomed Sam Pemberton to the board to lead Impero as CEO. A father-of-two, husband to a teacher, and previous CEO of global metadata company the Softel Group, Sam shares Impero’s commitment to education. Under Sam’s leadership, we have embarked on an exciting phase of business growth through solid investment in our product family. In fact, since 2015 the company has posted “double digit” sales growth, and most rewardingly to all of us here, our customer base is incredibly loyal. Indeed, well over 90% of our customers now choose to take our support offering each year with many also expanding their Impero system year-on-year. This is something for which we are enormously thankful, and super proud!


For more detailed information about us or our products, please explore our website and just get in touch whenever you’re ready to find out more – we’ll be more than ready to help.

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