New version launch: Impero Education Pro V5 – the network, desktop and classroom management solution

Spring has sprung, and so has a new version of our network, desktop and classroom management software solution, Education Pro V5. This new version has been developed to address the onslaught of mobile device and tablet use, as well as a great many other new features that help both teacher and IT manager in schools across the country.

Monitor Chromebook use in the classroom

 More and more schools are adopting Google Chromebook use in the classroom, and that means schools must also implement software and computer management solutions. Education Pro 5V allows monitoring of student Chromebooks so teachers can utilize the awesome features that they provide without worrying about looking over student’s shoulders. In addition to monitoring, the new functionality of V5 lets educators, broadcast and share screens, instant message students, block usage, remotely control computers, and more. Download the Chromebook product tech specs for a full list of new features.

Control iPads and other iOS devices

Not only does Impero Eduation Pro V5 monitor and manage Chromebooks, but it works with iPads and all other iOS handheld devices too. V5 allows teachers to project their computer screen to student’s smart phones, monitor students’ activity online and on apps, and even launch sites and tests! Having the ability to monitor students rather than just block usage of certain websites and apps allows the student to learn accountability and self control online, which are skills that will be carried on in the future in their workplaces.

5V’s user interface improvements and other awesome new stuff

Computer monitoring software in schools shouldn’t just work, it should work well. Ease of navigation is imperative for teachers and IT managers so technology enhances learning rather than inhibits it. Impero Education Pro’s interface improvements address usability so that classroom and network management are stress-free. (well, maybe stress-reduced…)

Some of our other new features include a violation alert indicator that lets managers know when students have abused access to websites and applications. And the web filtering functionality is now compatible with Chrome browsers as well as Firefox and Safari, which gives more options for online usage depending on the preference of the instructor and student. It’s great to have a choice!