byod integration

new timetable integration helps BYOD programs

Lesson transition time is dreaded by most teachers. Students are expert dawdlers; by the time your students have finally sat in their seats, logged into their PC, laptop, Chromebook or iPad, you can sometimes find yourself with only half of the lesson left to work through a full plan – not to mention a list of learning objectives. Those first minutes are vital for setting up the rest of the lesson. And time, as you know, is precious.


new group timetable feature

The latest version of Impero Education Pro now offers group timetable integration. What does this actually do, you ask? In a nutshell, it means that schools have the ability to import CSV files, and then automatically populate ‘personal groups’ within the Education Pro console with complete timetable information for all classes, across all year groups, for the following day.


how does this help to save teachers time?

As mobile devices become a natural aspect of today’s digital learning environment, and with so many school districts adopting 1:1 or BYOD programs, it’s tricky to keep track of which student is using what device.

This new (small yet significant) feature available in Impero Education Pro now means that you don’t need to know what device your students are using in order to add them to your personal group for a specific lesson. All students will automatically appear in your personal group for the start of the lesson, regardless of what device they’re using, so your lesson can get underway. What’s more, they’ll also be removed when the lesson ends, as per the imported timetable.

Within your personal group, you’ll have a complete view of your student’s activity, so you can keep them focused and on task.


what else is new?

A few other nifty little features can also be found in this version. To find out more information about Impero’s product range visit the product section of our website or get in touch.


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