new direct support forum launched on EduGeek

This week we’re delighted to announce that, as part of our ongoing commitment to customer support, Impero has introduced a direct support forum on popular online peer support community website, EduGeek.


how the direct support forum will help our customers

Since most of our customers already use EduGeek, there seemed like no better place to extend our support offering.

Faster response times – The new direct support forum will allow us to respond to customer questions and queries faster. We’ll be notified of any new posts by customers in our direct support forum, so you can be sure to have a speedy response from our product specialists.

Easy access to information – By holding all Impero-related information in one place, the support forum is designed to make it easier – and faster – for our customers to find the answers they need.

Chat to other customers – It’s also a great opportunity for customers to chat with other Impero users, ask questions, and to discover new ideas about using Education Pro.

Announcements – We’ll also be using the direct support forum as an extra channel (in addition to email and our customer portal) to communicate announcements, such as new version releases and product updates.

Our Support Manager, Mic Sanderson, comments “Having used Edugeek to both receive and give support with customers and peers for around ten years, I’m very proud to be in a position to begin a more formal relationship with both Edugeek and my wider colleagues in schools already utilising the power of Impero”.