Internet safety management in schools: equally important as playground safety

There’s no doubt that every school in the United States with a playground has safety measures and rules in place to protect students from harm. Since The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) created guidelines for public playgrounds in 1981, schools have been providing safe places for students to get exercise and playtime.  Educators and parents know that even with the most padded, ergonomic, age-appropriate equipment and clearly posted rules of conduct, students will still find ways (accidently or purposefully) to hurt others or get hurt themselves.

That’s why, along with those rules and regulations for playgrounds, schools also ensure that students behave appropriately and safely by enlisting responsible adults to monitor recess time.

Similar to the schoolyard, is the vast playground that students are exposed to on the internet. Even with blocks and filters in place, cyberbullying and internet safety education laws, and digital citizenship curriculum, there are still dangers that students can encounter on the internet that need to be closely monitored. It is more important than ever to ensure that students are safe while online in schools.

But monitoring online activity by adults in schools can be a monumental task without systems in place to help. Without having eyes in the backs of IT managers, administrators, teachers, and counselors heads, how can a school keep track of any posed threats to student safety online? How can students let instructors and other responsible parties know when they encounter something that is questionable or concerning without everyone else knowing?

Enter Impero Education Pro network, classroom, and internet safety management software. Education Pro allows monitoring online activity of all devices on a school’s network, whether it’s via internet, social media, emails, messaging, and more. Any potentially harmful occurrence is flagged and reported to adults who can then address situations with contextual information. As Longview Independent School District IT Director Brian Pitts explains in a recent editorial in SmartBrief, “Modern software packages [such as Impero Education Pro] can provide some automated help with the vigilance by helping to look for symptoms and indicators of online safety concerns that should be reviewed.”

Longview ISD has been using Impero Education Pro to safeguard their district’s devices for many years. To learn more about how the Longview district keep their internet house “safe from tigers” (and lions and bears too) read the full SmartBrief article on this subject written by IT Director Brian Pitts.

More on monitoring

Impero Education Pro is network management, classroom management, and internet safety device monitoring software combined into one comprehensive suite. Education Pro’s monitoring features provide extensive libraries of terms relating to adult content, bullying, suicide, violence, weapons, and more. The libraries’ algorithms detect and flag terms that may indicate danger, harm or misuse. Education Pro runs on all device platforms connected to a school’s network. The keyword library function is free to existing Education Pro customers by contacting Impero’s Customer Support Portal for download instructions. New customers receive the full keyword library with purchase of Education Pro.

To find out more about how Impero education network management software can help your school with online monitoring and internet safety, request a free demo and trial on our website. To talk to our team of education experts, call 877.883.4370, or email Impero now to arrange a call back.