internet safety in Pennsylvania schools

Teachers in Pennsylvania are being encouraged to use increasing amounts of technology in the classroom and it’s easy to see why. Lessons can be made much more interactive through rich content such as videos, the volume of information available to support learning is vast, and students are so familiar with technology from their home lives that it’s much more in sync with what they’re used to.

The downside to this trend is the increased risks that students face online by accessing inappropriate or potentially harmful content.

what’s already being done to combat this?

The law requires school boards and publicly-funded libraries to adopt and enforce acceptable use policies for internet access, which include both software and servers that block unsuitable content.

Many school districts in Pennsylvania have such policies in place, as well as providing links to national campaigns, and teaching internet safety in classrooms.

state-wide initiatives

In addition to these policies, Pennsylvania also has a number of state-wide initiatives to help deliver its internet safety curriculum. The Center for Safe Schools provides an on-site program, delivered by law enforcement officers, to educate parents, teachers and students about the hidden dangers of the internet.

The program, called Protecting Kids Online, is free of charge for schools and community-based organizations through a grant-funded partnership.

incorporating monitoring software to increase visibility of issues

Network monitoring software provides districts with an easy way to monitor and manage internet safety concerns on the school network, and increasing numbers of districts are adopting it.

Live monitoring of networked devices, combined with full logging and screenshot evidence, give educators all the information they need to proactively identify areas for concern. Logs can be used to help deal with incidents and to inform future lesson planning around internet safety, ensuring students are taught why something poses a risk, and how to avoid it in future.

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