internet safety considerations for Oregon school districts

As school districts in Oregon continue to invest in technologies such as Chromebooks to enhance learning, the chance of students’ exposure to online risks is increasing.

Oregon has statutes and policies in place relating to cyberbullying that cover penalties for students and teachers in the event of incidents not being effectively managed. Online risks, however, can extend far beyond the bullying domain, with the possibility of students gaining access to materials relating to eating disorders, extremist views, and gang warfare to name a few.

Take a look at questions below, designed to help Oregon educators build on their existing internet safety measures and take things beyond cyberbullying detection and prevention.

 key questions to ask yourself

  • Look at your existing policies relating to internet safety – do you have any? If so, have you covered more than just risks relating to cyberbullying?
  • Is blocking websites your only defense against online risks, or do you have the technology in place to monitor student activity online and be notified when a potential issue has been identified?
  • Do you have a mechanism to identify potential areas of concern based on what students are looking at and incorporate these into your curriculum to help educate them on the potential risks online?

 top tips

If the questions above have left you feeling that you could be doing more to protect students from the potential dangers on the internet, take a look at our top tips for internet safety in Oregon:

  • Ensure you have clear policies and procedures in place for your district relating to internet use, which go above and beyond the Oregon cyberbullying statutes, and ensure all of your staff are aware of them
  • Involve students in the production of Acceptable Usage Policies for the school network, helping generate further awareness of the area
  • Consider implementing monitoring software which allows you to see what’s happening on your network at any time, flags potential problems to designated members of staff, and lets you deal with incidents in real-time
  • Incorporate internet safety into your curriculum, exploring not just cyberbullying but other risk areas such as grooming, radicalization, eating disorders and more

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